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Kris Jenkins flip-flops on tearing Mark Sanchez's head off


08:47 AM ET 11.18 | Last Sunday, after Mark Sanchez embarrassed himself and the franchise in Seattle, Jenkins not only saw blood in the water, but wanted to see it on Sanchez's face too. "There is a point where I wished some defensive end would have knocked him (Sanchez) out of a game so they wouldn't have had a choice but to put somebody else in (at QB)," Jenkins said on SNY's Jets postgame show. So it was shocking to hear what he had to say Thursday on "Jets Game Plan." Jenkins arrived at the show wearing his Goody Two Shoes. He morphed into the voice of reason. Jenkins said former players-turned-TV analysts had a responsibility to their new profession. "To do it with honor and integrity while being respectful to the people we played with, our former colleagues," Jenkins said. Say what? This is the same guy who basically wanted someone to tear his "former colleague" Sanchez's head off. Did Jenkins forget the rant he unleashed Sunday night? "As a former player, we know among players there's a difference between hurting a guy, inflicting pain or injuring them. I would not like to see any harm come over Sanchez in an injury capacity," Jenkins said. "However, right now his performance is terrible. I don't feel like talking about him."

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Kris Jenkins, Al Bello/Getty Images Kris Jenkins, Al Bello/Getty Images
November 18, 2012  09:06 AM ET

Maybe they will draft Barkley in April and send both of the losers on the QB roster packing.

November 18, 2012  09:20 AM ET

Sanchez could always pull a VIck and fake a concussion to get out of the game...

November 18, 2012  09:47 AM ET

Ask the Saints to put a bounty on Jenkins.

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November 18, 2012  09:54 AM ET

I've supported sanchez for 4 years-but after 4 years of inconsistency and fumbles- its time for him to go

+1....But TEBOW ain't the answer either.

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November 18, 2012  10:04 AM ET

You folks do realize that moron Woody has paid "Sanchise" ova 32 mil the past 2 yrs and then componded that by moronically signing "TeBrow" to another 3 yrs, complete imbecilic moves!

November 18, 2012  10:12 AM ET

no- tebow sucks-when I'm hoping McElroy plays- you know you've hit rock bottom

So it seems.. At least they could find out if he is a capable back up going forward.

November 18, 2012  10:20 AM ET

I like the jets just the way they are

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November 18, 2012  11:47 AM ET

Maybe they will draft Barkley in April and send both of the losers on the QB roster packing.

Yeah, because things worked out so well for them the LAST time they drafted a QB out of USC...

November 18, 2012  11:48 AM ET

or maybe he actually can never knowbut the sanchize experiment has failed. He is either dumb as a rock or confidence-lessEither way- we NEED him to carry the team and he can'tI'm tired of 'game-managers' I want a qb that can play ball

At this point, ten games in, it makes no sense at all to keep Sanchez in there. The season is lost, he's clearly dead man walking, so why not see what we have, if anything. I'm surprised Johnson has not demanded Ryan make a move.

And re game managers...we don't even have that. Even with this crappy team, a reliable 6 yard slant occasional 4 yard scramble guy would have been worth two wins this year.

No, I'm with you. Nobody has defended Sanchez more than me...but he's done, its done and I'm done. Lets all move on, please.

November 18, 2012  12:35 PM ET

Jenkins must have gotten a phone call from the guy who signs his paycheck.


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