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Maryland legend Len Elmore rips Terps' rumored Big Ten move


11:00 AM ET 11.18 | Former Maryland basketball great and current ESPN analyst Len Elmore spoke out against his alma mater's discussions with the Big Ten conference, calling the school's potential abandonment of the ACC "sad" and a "bad move." Multiple people with knowledge of the situation speculated that an announcement could come within days, though it would first have to be approved in a vote by the University Board of Regents. Despite being a charter member of the ACC, Maryland would likely see massive financial growth from moving to the Big Ten. This in particular irked Elmore. "Anything that's driven solely by dollars, it'll turn out badly," Elmore said in a telephone interview. Elmore expressed concern that the decision was driven exclusively by Athletic Director Kevin Anderson and university President Wallace Loh, neither of whom have "had any real affinity with Maryland pride." Anderson became Maryland's athletic director in 2010 after spending six years at Army, while Loh has Big Ten ties, having earned a doctorate from the University of Michigan. He also was provost at the University of Iowa before he was named Maryland's president in 2010.

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November 18, 2012  12:03 PM ET

The big 10 is looking to add another solid team for lacrosse.

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November 18, 2012  03:27 PM ET

IF this happens, then FSU and Clemson to the SEC. If the BCS and the $$$$ that follows is going to **** things up even more, then **** it up all the way.

That is what should happen.

November 18, 2012  04:01 PM ET

If Maryland and Rutgers come over to the dark side....Legend or Leader????

November 18, 2012  07:00 PM ET

A few weeks ago there were stories about how secure the ACC had become. Guess the writers hadn't figured on Big Jim Delaney wooing one of the ACC's founding members.

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November 18, 2012  07:58 PM ET

B1G is looking to add them and two more. Then the new logo makes sense!

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

November 18, 2012  08:03 PM ET

<hit happens Len

November 18, 2012  08:48 PM ET

wiseup : The big ten already has 12 teams while now the big 12 only has 10 teams. Go figure! Maryland and Rutgers are supposedly being consider joining the big 10. The schedules are already lopsided. Teams only play seven conference games.which means there are3or4 teams you don't play.That means some teams play more of the better teams while some teams play the lesser competive teams. Two more teams would only createmore imbalanced schedules. I hope the big 10 does not admit more teams to big 10 . before long they will be known as the Big 20. Problem is money talks.

November 18, 2012  09:53 PM ET

wiseup: why don't Maryland and Rutgers join the big 12. There are two openings there.

November 19, 2012  05:00 AM ET

I am deeply disappointed that Maryland would leave the ACC. They are as natural a part of the ACC as the Tobacco Road teams. It feels like a member of your family disowning you. My understanding is that there would be IMMEDIATE discussions between UConn and the ACC if that does happen.

November 19, 2012  05:05 AM ET

If this truly will be voted on, if there are opinions that will be considered from lifelong fans of the school, and not just their new admins, there is no way Maryland will leave. Maryland is a member of the ACC family. Someone should poll Maryland fans and Alum about their opinion on this.

November 19, 2012  01:16 PM ET

Sigh...thanks alot Under Armour U. Sux that Kevin Plank now runs this school...
2 things happen here:
1. Less basketball recruits committing. Who wants to play in the Big 10 over the ACC...sub par recruits, that's who....B Ball (what the school really is) loses.
2. Football doesn't get COMPLETELY embarassed twice a year (FSU and Clemson/VT/whoever) it's 5 or 6 times a loses...

Good move Plank..uh.. I mean anderson (like you're really running that Athletic Dept.)

November 19, 2012  01:26 PM ET

Not going to be able to fill that stadium when you lose by 60 every week to tOSU, Wisconsin, Nebraska, MSU, Penn St, Michigan, etc...
Maybe they'll beat Indiana or Illinois...

November 19, 2012  02:05 PM ET

I just don't see what Maryland has to offer the Big 10. They are not competitive in the ACC, what makes them think that they will have any success in the Big 10.

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November 19, 2012  02:18 PM ET

I just don't see what Maryland has to offer the Big 10. They are not competitive in the ACC, what makes them think that they will have any success in the Big 10.

They have a huge television market for the Big 14 to tap into..that's about it..
For years they lost football recruits to PSU. Now, with that increased coverage in the area, they can continue to lose them to the other big 14 schools.


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