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Could J.P. Arencibia fit with New York Mets?


05:11 AM ET 11.20 | In his recent article for the Boston Globe, Nick Carfado talked about the developing trade market for catchers, specifically talking about Jarrod Saltalamacchia and the three catchers sitting on the Blue Jays roster. Carfado said interest is starting to form for Salty, and he's the one more likely to be moved than Ryan Lavarnway; the Red Sox see the newly acquired David Ross as a potential mentor for their 25-year-old backstop, so they would be hard-pressed to trade him. In Toronto, their latest blockbuster trade with the Marlins have netted them an extra catcher, adding John Buck to J.P. Arencibia and Travis D'Arnaud. The team seems open to dealing any of the three, but prefers to trade one of their two incumbents. So, this week I will be looking at the potential trade targets the Mets could go after north of the border, starting with Arencibia.

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J.P. Arencibia, AP Photo/Aaron Vincent Elkaim J.P. Arencibia, AP Photo/Aaron Vincent Elkaim
November 20, 2012  03:48 PM ET

"In Toronto, their latest blockbuster trade"

Oh I love how that sounds

November 20, 2012  04:40 PM ET

extra catcher? you mean jeff mathis didn't count in the jays roster before the trade?? the jays have same amount of catchers, J,P, ARENCEBIA/ TRAVIS D'ARNAUD/JOHN BUCK/BOBBY WILSON/
before the trade, jeff mathis j,p, arencebia/ / travis d'arnud/ bobby wilson/

November 20, 2012  04:43 PM ET

the way i see things here in toronto, they have too many catchers to trade as many as three, because aside from john buck and d'arnud,they still have bobby wilson and j,p, arencebia and for sure the jays have another top prospect catcher in their minors,,,

November 20, 2012  04:48 PM ET

i would like IF the angels trade for the jays rookie d'arnaud he is young and has the ability to throwout baserunners at second base better than the current catcher in eianetta plus the angels regular catcher gets injuried more often, and their rookie CONGER can't get better in his deffense skills which eventually the halos would likely trade conger to another team,,,

November 20, 2012  04:51 PM ET

if the red sox are willing to trade saltalamacchia to the jays, the jays are to be tough in their catchers availability, should the jays trade some of their tough catchers?? they could get another tough hitter in return,,,,,

November 20, 2012  04:56 PM ET

in any team,the catchers its as important as the starter, their best game its been called from behind the plate, any team WHO has a poor deffensive catcher behind the plate would likely lead them to a top FAILLURE, yes we refuse to accept the catcher as important spot but no team can funtion the right way without a tough skilled catcher behind the plate, from any stand point in any cacher deffense its more important than offense, and if nobody believes that just ask tony larussa,,,,,

November 20, 2012  05:01 PM ET

angels collapse in their starters ERA thanks to a poor and low skilled catchers behind the plate, eiannetta got injuried and stay out 3 months leading the halos to a disastros first two months last season, and lets be honest chris eiannetta has very little skills as a catcher but the halos love to develop catchers and just keep gambling with their regular season on their division,

November 20, 2012  07:48 PM ET

If Arencibia can get the Jays to let him stay, he's got a great shot at the playoffs, they are stacked up with pitching!!!

Comment #9 has been removed
November 21, 2012  09:40 AM ET

Does he fit with the New York Mets? That depends....does he want to be paid in money or is he open to a little bartering?

November 21, 2012  11:42 AM ET

Arencibia will bring back a young pitcher to Toronto, and the Mets need a catcher. Actually, the Mets need a lot. Lots of teams can use a power hitting catcher. Let the bidding begin!

this catcher its young and healthy, arencebia should bring a top quality pitcher or another third basemen from the mets,,,

November 21, 2012  11:43 AM ET

If Arencibia can get the Jays to let him stay, he's got a great shot at the playoffs, they are stacked up with pitching!!!

the angels need a catcher with this caliber except the halos refuse to acknowledge their needs in the catching spot!!!!

November 21, 2012  03:25 PM ET

Does he fit with the New York Mets? That depends....does he want to be paid in money or is he open to a little bartering?

I can see the holidays have put you in a good mood!

But seriously, what would the Mets give for Arencibia? Wright for Lawrie and Arencibia? I might do that if I was Toronto and wanting to win in 2013, but I'm not sure that would help the Mets rebuilding all that much. It might help their payroll problems though, if the Wilpons are more strapped than they are letting on.


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