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Is Miami's D slipping?


07:33 AM ET 11.20 | This holiday week for Miami comes with a nice pace. The Heat have just two games this week and two next week. All are at home. With the extra practice time, there's no doubt what Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is emphasizing. On a 4-2 trip, the defense slipped considerably, with the Heat giving up 107 points per night during one three-game stretch. At least they gave up an average of just 90.5 in the final two games. There's been talk about whether Miami's defensive woes have anything to do with a team relaxing at times a year after winning the championship. But Spoelstra doesn't believe that to be the case. ... "We're still working through some things. Different pace. The rotation is slightly different."

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November 20, 2012  07:49 AM ET

Talk to me when we reach the quarter mark....then we will know if the D is slipping.

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November 20, 2012  08:18 AM ET

Let us all (except Dee) hope the D is slipping.

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November 20, 2012  09:22 AM ET

its cause everyone is in shock that NY has started out EN FUEGO:)

+1 (means I'm otherwise speechless).

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November 20, 2012  09:50 AM ET

A Win Is Still A Win, Bros.

November 20, 2012  09:50 AM ET

Bingo.These guys realize that the regular season means NOTHINGthat's being said, when you add in new players and remove grunt guys from the rotation, the d may not be exactly what it was

I have added in 2 more faces with Lewis and Allen, who are not known for their D.

The O is also playing at a faster pace which leads to more possessions and more opportunities for the opponent to score.

As the season wears on and the pace slows a tad, you will see their scoring drop and the defense tighten more and more...especially when things grind down in the playoffs.

The Top teams will all be there in the end...Miami being one of them.

November 20, 2012  10:00 AM ET

Morning Sitt8 - 1 after tonightThe dream of 81 - 1 is still alive, lol

LOL! Who'd have thunk it? STAT going out was the best thing to happen to Melo..that and Mike Woodson. GO NYK!

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November 20, 2012  10:21 AM ET

Hey Ray Allen.... How's the minutes and PPG going for you in Miami? You bitched when you left the Celtics that your stats were going to take a hit if you stayed. You are averaging almost 8 minutes less per game and almost 4 points less per game and leaving a 12 million dollar 2 year guarantee on the table with Boston as well. How's that decision making of yours workin out?

November 20, 2012  10:29 AM ET

LMAO - Can't even make this stuff up - He's out four weeks bro... Poor guy is snake bit alright!!

Read an article that broke down Heat's D and in particular Ray Allen -- who is struggling defensively with Heat D system. One stat was that opponents are shooting something like 80% when they get Ray playing D in a pick & roll situation.


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