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UConn likely to accept ACC invite if offered


07:41 AM ET 11.20 | These days, there aren't any conference departures that don't lead to immediate speculation, as was the case with Maryland bolting for the Big Ten. UConn, a charter member of the Big East conference, is viewed as the likely choice to replace Maryland in the ACC as that school shifts to the Big Ten in 2014. ... There were national reports throughout the day Monday that UConn was the ACC's top candidate, leading Louisville, Cincinnati and South Florida, three other possible contenders. There is no indication the ACC will act swiftly to replace Maryland, but UConn is likely to accept an invitation if it is offered. Rutgers is expected to follow Maryland to the Big Ten, with an announcement expected Tuesday.

The Hartford Courant

Kevin Ollie, Icon Sports Kevin Ollie, Icon Sports
November 20, 2012  08:24 AM ET

UConn makes sense. They have competitive athletic programs and ESPN is in their backyard.

November 20, 2012  08:34 AM ET

Big East becomes the ACC

November 20, 2012  08:38 AM ET

Big East becomes the ACC

And now I read that the Smurf Turfers and SDSU are going to back out of the Big East??? Big East may fall apart before it got back together!

November 20, 2012  08:43 AM ET

Big East becomes the ACC

New name is the Big ACC.

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November 20, 2012  09:06 AM ET

That is a big duh. As down as I am on the ACC right now, they bring in a much bigger check than the Big East. Projections show Maryland could go from $24 million a year to $43 million a year. Percentage wise, I wouldn't doubt if UConn saw a similar gain from entering into the ACC.

November 20, 2012  09:16 AM ET

Poor (not so) Big East... last one out the door, turn out the lights.

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November 20, 2012  09:35 AM ET

+1, O-6. The Superconferences are coming. ACC will absorb the best of the Big East. The rest will have to root, hog, or die.

Only 22 are in the black according to 60 minutes.

Two, eleven team conferences?

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November 20, 2012  10:19 AM ET

Too simplistic, DC. The Haves will absorb the most desirable of the Have-Nots, and write off their debts while acquiring their TV markets. Andy Staples sees it as nothing more than prudent business practice. Oh, and BTW...Conference Realignment Sucks.

Hey, that's my line! lol

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November 20, 2012  12:16 PM ET

Hope they do a better job of alignment than the SEC did as they left Alabama with one of the easier schedules each and every year. They skip Florida and South Carolina while playing powerhouse UT each and every year as a rivalry game. Cannot figure how the SEC allowed one of the better teams to get a weak schedule in the SEC. Could payola still exist?

November 20, 2012  12:23 PM ET

Did you where Ohio State petitioned Obama to pardon them for their cheating sins because they are having a good season? They expect to move to #1 or 2 and play for the BCS Championship? I know Obama has screwed up many times and this would not be the worse but see no sense in a president getting involved in sanctions against a school. Do so and every cheater will petition for a pardon. If he wants to pardon any school it should be Penn State. None of the players, past and present, had anything to do with the sex scandal. So why should the players have to pay for those transgressions? That never did make sense to me.
Cheating and breading rules at Ohio State was nothing new. That was why they got punished. As indicated earlier OU should have sanctioned themselves last year and skipped a cruddy bowl. They assumed they would only get a slap on the wrist being The Ohio State but it did not work out and the bowl ban was for this season.

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November 20, 2012  01:26 PM ET

What the hell? Did Alabama shove a corncob up your ****. Answer this numbnuts: in 2011 and 2012, name the SEC teams that have beaten bama and which division the teams are in. Bama just got thru with their home and home with Florida. Don't you pay attention?

Ouch...corncobs...dried ones...nice warm ones with butter...

still ouch.


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