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Ray Rice apologizes to those offended by towel incident


09:19 PM ET 11.22 | Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was public enemy number one in Pittsburgh after taking a Terrible Towel following the team's win over the Steelers on Sunday Night Football. Steelers fans saw Rice's move as a sign of disrespect to the towel which has been an iconic symbol that is related to the team. It may have appeared to be disrespectful on the surface, but Rice wanted to clear the air on the situation. Rice exchanged the gloves he wore during the game with a Steelers fan in exchange for the Terrible Towel. He wanted it to add his collection of memorabilia that he is beginning to build in honor of his NFL career. He wanted a towel to add to the collection to help commemorate the most important rivalry in his career. "I apologize to those who saw it as disrespectful. For me, I thought it was a pretty cool gesture, exchanging my gloves with a fan and walking out with it. Obviously, getting a victory there was cool and I leave it in the past. Their fans are great, the organization is great and the rivalry is always going to continue to be great," Rice said.

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November 23, 2012  08:18 AM ET

Get it Framed!!!

November 23, 2012  11:18 AM ET

He didn't speak out to appease us. Love or hate I don't think he minds, as long as he's inside our head. He explained his intentions to ward off the curse.

The Ravens, Cards, Jags, Lions, Broncos, Titans, Browns, Bengals... all have had players or mascots mess with the towel, all have suffered. The Towel has a perfect record. And he didn't want his name to go up there beside Derrick Mason.

In the end it doesn't matter what Steelers fans think, it matter what Myron thinks. We may complain about it, but it's the Curse of Cope that will lay you low.

But I think trading for something and keeping it as a part of your collection is a fair play. In his full comments, he said he didn't spit on it, he didn't use it to wipe any part of his body, you wouldn't see him on youtube messing with it, ect. So I think they're in the clear.

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November 24, 2012  02:25 AM ET

RR is full of crap! He had the Terrible Towel draped over his head so he knew EXACTLY what he was doing! It wasn't like he was carrying it in his hand!

November 24, 2012  07:33 AM ET

RR is full of crap! He had the Terrible Towel draped over his head so he knew EXACTLY what he was doing! It wasn't like he was carrying it in his hand!

Right! Now he's just trying to avoid the curse. We'll all just have to wait to see Cope let's him off the hook or NOT!

November 24, 2012  05:11 PM ET

As a life long die hard Steelers fan I have no problem with Rice trading for the towel to add to his collection of memorabilia he did nothing disrespectful with it unlike the Titian players and the fan got a cool item in return. Hating the Ravens is great the rivalry is great but Ray Rice has been a class act since entering the NFL and I know Steelers fans would take him on the Steelers in a heartbeat.


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