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Lakers interested in Mickael Pietrus


10:51 AM ET 11.25 | Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the Lakers are interested in free agent Mickael Pietrus. Pietrus is a nine-year veteran guard/forward who has logged seasons with the Golden State Warriors, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics. In his time with the Suns, he played for Alvin Gentry, who ran a similar offense to what Mike D'Antoni utilized in his Phoenix tenure with Steve Nash. Pietrus also played in the NBA Finals against the Lakers as a teammate of Dwight Howard. Spears simply noted that Pietrus is should be added to the list of free agents the team has "inquired about recently." Yahoo colleague Adrian Wojnarowski also reported the Lakers have some interest in Utah Jazz guard Raja Bell.

Los Angeles Times

Mickael Pietrus, David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images Mickael Pietrus, David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images
November 25, 2012  10:52 AM ET

He would be a nice add.........I hated to see him leave the Celtics.....

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November 25, 2012  10:56 AM ET

The D'Antonification Of The Lakers Begins, Bros.

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November 25, 2012  11:01 AM ET

He'd be a better backup SF than Ebanks.

Pietrus should be a vet you can sign for the minimum who wants to help a contender.....
Unfortunately Pietrus thinks he is better than he actually is...
Allen,Battier,Odom,Barnes,Billups.....all vet guys who can still produce and took less to help contenders....
Maybe their are more, I can't remember everyone.
Pietrus should be on that list, and until he loses that Kanye West mindset of thinking he is worth more, he is gonna remain unemployed weather it's a bench role with the lakers,spurs or who the hell ever.

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November 25, 2012  11:23 AM ET

Lakers should trade Gasol and here are the scenarios:
Pau and draft picks for Calderon & Bargnani....
Lakers get a 3 point shooting big that can rebound and a backup point guard that can start that is the almost all star version of Nash.
For the raps this is Calderon's last year with the raps (more than likely), and am sure they don't wanna lose him for nothing, as for Andrea, the kind of money these guys get offered now a days, the raps may not wanna watch when his contract is up, either way don't lose them for thing at least they would have draft picks...

Trade scenario #2- Pau and draft picks for Jason Thompson,Salmons & Fredette.
For the lakers they get a young and up coming Thompson whom though the kings resigned have mistreated with the drafting of Robinson(just as Beasley saw dog house minutes once Derick Williams was drafted by Minny), it's bound to happen. Then you have Fredette who was outplayed by Isiah Thomas the second, and now with the addition of Brooks he will see little or no minutes.
What better system to be in than to learn from the greats like Nash & Kobe, so that in the next 3-4 years he can run this laker team. For the kings they get a veteran guy that can teach Cousins...
All Fredette needs is a change in scenery where he can produce.
Just ask Blatche what a chance in scenery has done for him....

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November 25, 2012  12:09 PM ET

Pietrus isn't going to sign for 1 million, else he would be playing for a team already. He deserves more obviously but he has no team so... if you want to play do it.

November 25, 2012  12:35 PM ET

so the Lakers plan to get faster by getting older? This krap doesn't pan out.


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