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Madson unlikely to return to Philly, Angels interested


02:11 PM ET 11.25 | After missing an entire season due to Tommy John surgery, Ryan Madson finds himself back where he was a year ago -- looking to establish himself as a closer after a potential arrangement with the Phillies, the only team he's ever pitched for, fell through. Last offseason, the now 32-year-old reliever inked a one-year deal worth $8.5 million to pitch for the Reds, but never made it to the regular season due to a balky right elbow. It's difficult to envision Madson receiving more than a one-year deal this offseason as well, considering the obvious need to prove he can return to full effectiveness following the surgery. The right-hander's K/9 rate has spiked significantly the past three seasons he's worked (9.1, 10.9, 9.2 respectively) and in that time period he has established himself as a reliable option at the back-end of the bullpen.

Call to the Pen

Ryan Madson , AP Photo/Jae C. Hong Ryan Madson , AP Photo/Jae C. Hong
November 25, 2012  05:31 PM ET

the angels haven't have good luck any reliever aside from lee smith, nobody has been able to a conssistent and depenable closer FUENTES as a closer fail/rodney as a closer fail/ and madson is unlikely to be the right piece for the halos, know why?? he is a injuried pron-player and very difficult to guarantee any good contribution for the team,,,,

November 25, 2012  05:36 PM ET

lets not forget madson agent is boras, and with boras attach a hefty contract even with the past surgery on madson elbow madson agent would ask top dollar deal for this guy,,unless if the halos add some clause where specify IF MADSON UNABLE TO PERFORM A 100% THEN THE CONTRACT MOST BE VOIDED, this type of agreements would protect both sides!!!

November 25, 2012  05:52 PM ET

angels would need to be very desperate team or had run out of any other options to even think to sign a injury-prone player!!

November 25, 2012  05:54 PM ET

and soriano wouldn't be the right option either, BORAS is a block between the free agent soriano and the interested teams!!!

November 25, 2012  05:55 PM ET

its just funny how things turn in anaheim in the closer spot, those players DO come with higher expectations but unable to achieve any goals at all!!!

November 25, 2012  06:12 PM ET

boras would like to give any team the best impression towards madson availability and healthy arm without any little problem at all, the question here is, its madson completely healed from his late surgery? and if so how can he guarante any amount of playing time?? remember when you sign a contract you should be able to perform your position as a player a 100% IF not best thing is to wait UNTIL things are completely clear and free from any farther damage!!

November 25, 2012  06:16 PM ET

the halos would be better off by working hard on WALDEN AND FREIRI to develope them to a more conssistent in the closer positions,the angels shouldn't quit so earlier in this two tough relievers as is FREIRI AND WALDEN with a little adjustment in their arm angle may do the trick who knows??

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November 26, 2012  09:40 AM ET

He stuck it to the Reds last year, so be weary of him and sign him to a one year deal with incentives.

November 26, 2012  10:00 AM ET

He stuck it to the Reds last year, so be weary of him and sign him to a one year deal with incentives.

I agree, 1 Year with a Team Option for 2!

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November 26, 2012  05:42 PM ET

He must have gained a lot of weight, he looks really WIDE in that wonderful photo.

Somebody smushed him in-between their fingers.

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