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Just how screwed are the Steelers?


01:48 AM ET 11.28 | My faith in the Steelers has been a little lower than usual. An eight, I repeat, EIGHT turnover showing in Cleveland just made that faith even shakier, and it's pretty safe to say the Steelers are, for all purposes, screwed. Why? 1) We still aren't 100 percent sure when Ben will be back. This is the most optimistic thing we've heard all week. After this week, it's painfully obvious the Steelers can't win without Ben. As much as I want him back ASAP, the Ravens will try to kill him if they know he's not 100 percent. So basically, looks like 6-6 is inevitable. 2) I am seriously questioning Troy Polamalu's career right now. He just returned to practice from an injury that has bugged him for several seasons. If he re-aggravates this injury one more time, I think it's safe to say he'll need surgery or will have to change his game if he wants to continue playing. Neither is good for him and consensus is that we are looking at Bob Sanders 2.0: a true animal who's body is finally catching up to his style of play. 3) Without Troy, this defense has no true playmakers. Harrison is not the same left tackle, destroying sack machine he once was. It's obvious LaMarr Woodley is a gamer in the playoffs and pedestrian/oft injured during the other 16 games. Ryan Clark has elevated his game this year but in his 11th season, the improvement can't be permanent. A young D-line with young potential stars is being carried by Brett Keisel, who is also close to ancient. Finally, Lawrence Timmons is coming into his own but there isn't another young star to pair with him to ensure that the defense is safe moving forward. I won't even begin to discuss 'Stone Hands' Ike or Keenan Lewis. They're both solid. Not playmakers, just solid.

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November 29, 2012  03:26 AM ET

We don't have to beat the Ravens next week. It'd be nice, but realistically, our season depends on getting the wild card spot and being healthy in the playoffs, not winning the division and going in all banged up.

I think, even if he's healthy, Ben should rest. Everyone should rest. We should send in our third-string guys for the Ravens to beat up.

November 29, 2012  06:14 AM ET

The Steelers have a slim to no chance of winning the AFC North whether they beat the Ravens or not. However a loss also hurts their wildcard chances thanks to the loss to the Browns last week. A loss to the Ravens is big b/c it's a division and AFC game and hurts them in tie breakers for a wildcard spot. IMO.

November 29, 2012  06:55 AM ET

It's a rhetorical question right? I mean how screwed were the Colts without Peyton last year? How screwed were the Pats when Brady was out for the year? How screwed were the Texans last year when they lost Schaub? You can't lose a franchise qb and not be screwed. Having said that they still have a shot of getting in as a wild card with Ben and and the rest being healthy, and it's not like they've never won a superbowl as a 6 seed

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November 29, 2012  08:00 AM ET

Steelers and Ravens have some players that are key players that time is catching up with and injurys are begining to take there toll on there bodys.......then again theres VIAGRA the new PED that ain't band yet and gives them more but true.

November 29, 2012  08:05 AM ET

This is a pretty weak "analysis.'

You bothered to read further that the first sentence?

November 29, 2012  08:13 AM ET

You can't lose a franchise qb and not be screwed.


"the Ravens will try to kill him if they know he's not 100 percent"

They will try to kill him even if he is perfectly healthy.

November 29, 2012  08:20 AM ET

You bothered to read further that* the first sentence?

after* Damn, buzzed already

November 29, 2012  08:21 AM ET

werd."the Ravens will try to kill him if they know he's not 100 percent"They will try to kill him even if he is perfectly healthy.

We would expect nothing less

November 29, 2012  08:34 AM ET

The Steelers have no one to blame but themselves for where they are at, losses to the Raiders, Titans and Browns put them there

November 29, 2012  08:54 AM ET

They just seem to be snake bit by the injury bug this year.

November 29, 2012  09:22 AM ET

Look at the bright side... you still get to beat the Cowboys this season.

November 29, 2012  11:14 AM ET

I wonder if Clay Mathews ain't heading down the same road as Polamalu? He has one of those nasty injuries that just keeps coming back and nagging you. Hopefully it doesn't ruin your career but were talking human beings and the human body under duress.

November 29, 2012  12:05 PM ET

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Even without Troy and the decling Harrison and ""pedestrian" Woodley and "Stone Hands" Ike they are still rated #1 in the NFL. Complete overreaction. Can they win without Ben? No. Did the Colts win without Peyton? No. Did the Patriots win without Brady? Meh. Cassell got them close but not in. Did the Bears win without Cutler. No. Where would the Packers be without Rodgers? New Orleans without Brees? Giants without Eli? 49ers without Alex.....oh....never mind.

It's an elite QB league and if you don't have one you are S-O-L

November 29, 2012  12:26 PM ET

Is it because they are elite or because of the silly practise of never letting backups take reps with the first string ?

November 29, 2012  12:44 PM ET

Is it because they are elite or because of the silly practise of never letting backups take reps with the first string ?

Too many limits on practice dictated by the CBA. It may be prudent for a coaching staff to get everyone snaps. But when thye a re installing a game plan in limited time, it takes priority.

November 29, 2012  01:47 PM ET

"Just how screwed are the Steelers?" Well ... for starters, their QB is a rapist ...


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