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Jason Babin in burgundy and gold?


01:51 AM ET 11.28 | The Philadelphia Eagles have released DE Jason Babin. In an ESPN interview with Babin, he stated that the Eagles informed him that they wanted to give the young guys a chance to play and to give him a chance to move on sooner than later. In 2011, Babin recorded 18 sacks and in 2012 year to date, he has 5.5 sacks for the Eagles. It's not a secret that pressuring the quarterback has been a weak area for the Redskins this season. It's also no secret to the Washington front office because Babin has driven the Washington offense crazy for the last two years. I don't know the chances of Washington claiming Babin off waivers, but the should be the first team calling Babin's cell phone, offering him a chance to join Redskins Nation and a chance to bolster the Redskins' pass rushing attack. The NFC East is famous for players switching teams within the division, so don't be surprised to see Babin as a member of the Redskins, Giants or Cowboys. I think Babin should chose Washington because he has the best chance to step in and play right away. He would be joining a hot offensive team with a defense that is looking for an identity and lacking in the areas in which he is strong. He would be joining a team that has become a legit contender and has a chance to do something special. With the constant injuries of Brian Orakpo, Washington needs to find a solid pass rusher to line up opposite of Kerrigan anyway. What better way to do that than to sign one of the most feared defensive ends in the division. Babin, if you're reading this, we welcome you with open arms to join the burgundy and gold and to continue to kick butt in the NFC East!!

Riggos Rag

Jason Babin, Getty Images/Rob Carr Jason Babin, Getty Images/Rob Carr
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November 29, 2012  05:37 AM ET

No one wants "philly trash"....

November 29, 2012  06:38 AM ET

Someone was a little late to get the memo.

Jacksonville claimed Jason Babin nearly 7 hours before this TnR was posted.

November 29, 2012  06:40 AM ET

No one wants "philly trash"....

Only an idiot would consider 18 sacks in 2011 as "trash".

November 29, 2012  06:51 AM ET


Now I see why they cut Babin... It was from The R, Heisman stiff arming him.

November 29, 2012  07:19 AM ET

Someone was a little late to get the memo.Jacksonville claimed Jason Babin nearly 7 hours before this TnR was posted.

Wrong time zone?

November 29, 2012  08:36 AM ET

nice research interns, The Jags claimed him yesterday

November 29, 2012  08:44 AM ET

Even the interns suffer the lag on FN. Probably posted it much earlier but got the spinny thing for a few hours

November 29, 2012  12:30 PM ET

No one wants "philly trash"....

Don't tell that to Arizona or Buffalo

November 29, 2012  01:08 PM ET

Totally surprised by his release. It is not about money. He must have been a not so happy camper. His play is no worse than 50+ others on that team.

November 30, 2012  08:13 AM ET

nice research interns, The Jags claimed him yesterday

Poor Babin. So much for his chance at playing for a contender.


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