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Varejao was fantastic, everybody else s-----


08:05 AM ET 11.28 | On the upside, not that many fans were there to witness it. Playing their fourth game in five nights, minus a veteran and valuable bench player, Cleveland fell to the Suns, 91-78, in front of a sparse 13,687 at The Q. The Cavaliers were so out of sync and the game so out of reach from the beginning that coach Byron Scott issued a stinging assessment afterward. "Andy Varejao was fantastic," Scott said. "Everybody else sucked tonight." Fairly succinct and accurate, it turns out. Varejao recorded 20 points and 15 rebounds, his sixth consecutive double-double and sixth straight logging at least 15 rebounds. He dominated in the third quarter, when he logged 14 of his points and helped the Cavaliers knot the game at 57.

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Anderson Varejao, Getty Images Anderson Varejao, Getty Images
November 28, 2012  08:18 AM ET

Andy is going to be traded!

November 28, 2012  08:30 AM ET

I was thinking the same thing.

November 28, 2012  08:35 AM ET

A lotta guys have experienced that stop in Cleveland, and to wanted Lebron to stay his whole career there. How dreadful would that have been for him? and I absolutely hopes Anderson gets outta there as well.

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November 28, 2012  09:56 AM ET

Best Player On A Bad Team Means Nothing, Bro.

November 28, 2012  10:37 AM ET

I say as I've said that many teams share the defeat of not landing Lebron James in free agency, but only one can claim the honor of having him and losing him. If the Cavs weren't such losers Lebron would never have been a free agent in the first place.

One problem with that comment, the Cavs weren't losers when they had Lebron.

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November 28, 2012  11:04 AM ET

Andy is going to be traded!

If he stays healthy, probably so. If he keeps up this pace they can get a boatload of draft picks for him. Hate to see him go but this very young team isn't going anywhere anytime soon, not without Irving anyway.

November 28, 2012  11:08 AM ET

So you can put "sucked" in the story but in the headline you have to say "s-----?"

November 28, 2012  11:47 AM ET

Andy is going to be traded!

Yeah.....on that team, he's to valuable to keep.

Could you imagine him and Noah on the same team?

November 28, 2012  03:17 PM ET

I'm going to lay off the Cavs though. I like you. I realize you live in or are from Cleveland. I guess what I'm saying is that you deserve better.

yep... and if u didnt notice... Im a Knicks fan, although I do go to the Cavs games sometimes. Hey somebody has to stick up for them..

November 28, 2012  04:24 PM ET

Wait....I thought Dion Waiters was a beast lol. Dan Gilbert said they would have a title before James would right? No but seriously, I have always under-valued Varejao as just a garbage man hustle guy. I can no longer keep that title on him. He shoots a good % and has some decent post moves and doesnt stop working. He needs to be on a team where all that can be rewarded. He is a missing piece of a real contender right now. Imagine him with the Celtics or even Golden State (not that they are true title contenders). His impact in my opinion would be immediate


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