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Dallas Cowboys Anthony Spencer playing "MVP" football


12:53 AM ET 12.02 | Friday the Dallas Cowboys signed defensive back Sterling Moore from the New England Patriots practice squad to help fill a need in a secondary depleted by injury. Moore will likely see some game time Sunday night versus the Philadelphia Eagles. Moore will need to get quickly acclimated to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's defensive style and outside linebacker Anthony Spencer's calling of the defense. Spencer recently took over calling of the defense out on the field when second year player Bruce Carter went down with a dislocated shoulder. Calling the plays has gone well for Spencer who has been playing at an all-pro level over the last month of the season. Needing to call the plays for the defense has led to Spencer being on the field for 98 percent of the plays the past two weeks. Over the last month Spncer has 16 tackles, 15 of those tackles resulting in offensive failures with 4 being QB sacks. Spencer is playing equally as well as Cowboys sacks leader and teammate DeMarcus Ware who also has 4 QB sacks in the month of November but 9 less tackles. Spencer is playing so well that it's being noticed by coaches and the team owner. Recently when asked regarding Anthony Spencer being the MVP of the Dallas Cowboys defense, Rob Ryan commented by stating the following, 'He was damn good for us last year, but he has been tremendous this year.'

The Landry Hat

Anthony Spencer, Getty Images Anthony Spencer, Getty Images
December 2, 2012  02:56 PM ET

I think the story here is that Dallas is desperate enough DBs that they are signing guys off the Patriot's practice squad. Seattle may be doing the same when their top 2 CBs start serving their suspensions.

December 2, 2012  03:21 PM ET

reminds me of teams already eliminated from the playoffs and then while covering the team the guy anounces, wow, this team's on an incredible tear, if you look at the last # games, they've got the best record of anybody (the saints a few weeks ago comes to mind).

December 2, 2012  04:34 PM ET

Unless they can win out it means very little. As a matter of fact I think being MVP of a team that doesn't make the playoffs would be rather sad.

December 2, 2012  05:56 PM ET

I'm sure "The Landry Hat" offers an unbiased perspective of all things Cowboy.

December 2, 2012  06:09 PM ET

MVP and Dallas Cowboys does not compute........

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December 2, 2012  08:36 PM ET

I'm sure "The Landry Hat" offers an unbiased perspective of all things Cowboy.

The head it once sat on had credibility, though. RIP to one of the greats.

December 2, 2012  08:40 PM ET

He's MVP of The Cowboys and a Pro - Bowl Candidate!


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