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Jim Calhoun reveals cancer surgery


07:44 AM ET 12.04 | Former UConn coach Jim Calhoun says he had surgery in May to remove an apparent cancerous growth from his lungs. Calhoun mentioned the surgery Monday while taping an episode of YES Network's Center Stage with Michael Kay in New York. Calhoun told YES that doctors removed the growth, concerned it might be related to a previous skin cancer. Reached later by telephone, Calhoun confirmed the surgery. "It was cancer-related, yes," he told The Associated Press. "I'm not going to talk about it. I was out for a day and a half. I'm completely healthy now."

Associated Press

Jim Calhoun, Jim Rogash/Getty Images Jim Calhoun, Jim Rogash/Getty Images
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December 4, 2012  10:23 AM ET

I for one do not sleep with men, snoring or not. Now the ladies, yeah they can snore, just do not tell them that.

Easy now. Don't get yourself excited.

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December 4, 2012  02:20 PM ET

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1. The Right to have one daily thread on the superiority of the Southeastern Conference.

2. The Right to have one daily thread on the ineptness of the Big Ten Conference.

3. The Right to a daily thread on Nick Saban.

4. The Right to be called "Idiots" by a fringe element of the Miami Hurricanes.

5. The Right to have pictures of scantily clad females posted on Bball threads.

6. The Right to have ND and Michigan fans muzzled regarding the academic superiority of their schools.

7. The Right to tell the Mods to go to hell.

8. The Right to have the crystal ball trophy re-named the SEC Memorial Football Award.

9. The Right to have Ohio State declared national champions for 2012 (in the event of a ND loss) based upon the "Alabama Rule".

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December 4, 2012  06:17 PM ET

great coach but a bast--- to his players------ncaa will always go after coaches with his kind of attitude. i'am sure other schools were bad but nothing came of it. Calipari and Petino are clean? Yea, Right!!!

December 5, 2012  07:57 AM ET

The same "bast---" to his players, also has/had 20+ of them in the NBA, and many more come back to Connecticut every summer for Calhoun's charity golf tournament and basketball game.


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