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Cousins: 'I've been terrible'


05:47 PM ET 12.05 | Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins did not sugarcoat anything when asked to describe his play for the struggling Sacramento Kings this season. "I've been terrible," Cousins said. "We're losing. I don't feel like I made improvements from last year. I really don't have any confidence at all. I'm just trying to think my way through it, but right now, I'm not finding anything." Cousins is averaging just 16 points and 9.5 rebounds per game, both down from his averages last year, and he's shooting less than 42 percent from the field.

Sacramento Bee

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December 5, 2012  05:48 PM ET

Yes.............And ?????

December 5, 2012  08:57 PM ET

Ive been seeing red for awhile!!!

December 5, 2012  11:35 PM ET

He is still very young and could possibly benefit from some bench time where he could serve as a number 6 player; but, the Kings biggest flaw is that there is no depth for the center position.
They have plenty of quality guards to field against any other NBA team but they must rely on both Salmons and Evans to switch back and forth from guard role to small-forward roles. Also, why not allow Jimmer Fredette to start where the coach can have more game time to access playing minutes for the Jimmer; however, that means having Brooks to serve as a number 6 man for the guards...........
To argue about quality youth versus the wisdom of the veterans is an old issue: (PER)Performance Efficiency Rating................... Cousins' quality and who else to play in a Kings' uniform at center?

December 5, 2012  11:37 PM ET

He could benefit from being benched and serving as a number 6 man for the center position but there is no depth on the Kings' roster for the post positions.

Cousins is young and the benching would do him good! In Fredette's case, he who is also young with great quality, would allow the coach to access more playing time for his self, which is a public determination made by Coach Keith Smart.
Thomas Robinson has much promise because of his quality, and he should be spelling relief for DeMarcus Cousins!
So, I am for a starting five and the second string reliefs being based upon the (PER)Performance Effieciency Rating:
Center: DeMarcus Cousins and (weak position)
Small-forward: Tyreke Evans and Salmons; Hayes and Travis Outlaw.
PointGuard: Fredette and Brooks; Salmons and F. Garcia.
ShootingGuard: M. Thornton and Isaiah Thomas; J. Fredette.
PowerForward: Jason Thompson and T. Robinson; James Johnson.
Several critiques: at 6'6" Chuck Hayes is too short to serve as a Power Forward and at 250 lbs. he is too heavy to serve as a guard, thus he must be a Small Forward if he is to contribute.
Secondly: Francisco Garcia's height and weight, 6'7" and 195 lbs., is too lessor to have him to serve at Small Forward so he should thrive as a guard, (remember Magic Johnson was 6'9" at guard).
Thirdly: Travis Outlaw's best seasons are behind himself (07'-08' and 08'-09') is he an asset to this ball club's plans? His (PER) is a very dismal 6.5? He can serve at Small Forward yet his body weight is identical unto J. Salmons who sometimes plays at Guard, go figure?
Fourth: based upon the (PER) stats, the second string are 1.)-I. Thomas, 2.)-C. Hayes, 3.)-A. Brooks, 4.)-T. Robinson, and 5.)-J. Salmons.
Sixth: Can coach Smart see that his determinations to get enough playing minutes for key players and getting the ball into the hands of other key players is exactly what he has been intending by his public comments during media interviews?
Seventh: Thomas Robinson may be too light for the center position role and may need to remain in the service of Power Forward. This means that when Cousins needs rest the only other player big enough to serve competently as center would be Jason Thompson, and thus Robinson would enter to serve as the Power Forward while Thompson fills in for Cousins.
Eighth: in the stock market promotion generally gives a lift unto the value of a stock; so, when the front office makes much ado in advertisements about any one particular player then they must play that particular athlete or the promotion shall sour the whole team's general performances. The answer for my statement, Coach K. Smart play Jimmer Fredette, and give to him the starter role!

December 6, 2012  12:07 AM ET

The San Francisco Giants make it a point to play those athletes who they have given the largest annual contracts unto! Does it work? I am telling you, J. Fredette may not have the largest anuual salary on the Kings' roster but he has some very great promotions in Kings' advertisements by the front office!
1.)-John Salmons SF 32 6-6 207 Miami (FL) $8,083,000
2.)-Marcus Thornton SG 25 6-4 205 LSU $7,525,000
3.)-Francisco Garcia SF 31 6-7 195 Louisville $6,100,000
4.)-Chuck Hayes PF 29 6-6 250 Kentucky $5,486,250
5.)-Tyreke Evans PG 23 6-6 220 Memphis $5,250,825
6.)-Jason Thompson PF 26 6-11 250 Rider $5,250,000
7.)-DeMarcus Cousins C 22 6-11 270 Kentucky $3,880,800
8.)-Thomas Robinson PF 21 6-10 237 Kansas $3,374,640
9.)-Aaron Brooks PG 27 6-0 161 Oregon $3,250,000
10.)-Travis Outlaw SF 28 6-9 207 (none) $3,000,000
11.)-James Johnson PF 25 6-9 248 Wake Forest $2,812,006
12.)-Jimmer Fredette PG 23 6-2 195 Brigham Young $2,339,040
13.)-Isaiah Thomas PG 23 5-9 185 Washington $762,195
Two players Garcia and Hayes are making money which their (PER) cannot support; also, Outlaw and Johnson are making more money than Fredette and Thomas who have (PER) much better to sustain their playing time and presence.

December 6, 2012  12:22 AM ET

Kings basketball 2012-13 shall need to have either renegotiated contracts for their players roster or termination time must arrive for some of these men.
Namely, Garcia' and Hayes' salaries must come down while Evans salary is likely to have to go up........... If not then you're likely to lose that greater ball player!
Isaiah Thomas is likely to begin making double or triple what he is now receiving, while Jimmer Fredette's consistency during playing time may only to improve if he becomes paid better, also!
I am not sure that Travis Outlaw is worth the money he is receiving. Any come backs?

December 6, 2012  12:26 AM ET

It is obvious to me that T. Honeycutt cannot make the Kings' roster because so much money is being paid unto F. Garcia.
Look at their size comparisons which are nearly identical:
Tyler Honeycutt SF 22 6-8 188 UCLA $809,875

December 6, 2012  12:31 AM ET

Trading Garcia and cutting Outlaw to make room for Honeycutt, could it be worth it?
One may consider playing James Johnson instead of Chuck Hayes, they have the same body weight but Johnson is three inches taller than Hayes. Many dollars cheaper, also.........
Just some ideas, that's all.................... Basketball in Sacramento, California!

December 6, 2012  10:25 AM ET

Will You Give Back The Money, Bro?


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