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Texas in advanced talks to trade Young


08:06 AM ET 12.06 | As of yet, the Rangers' offseason hasn't taken much shape of any kind on the free agent front. And complicated pie-in-the-sky trade scenarios haven't really gained traction. As the winter meetings draw to a close Thursday, however, the club may be looking at consummating a deal that has been in discussion for four years: the trade of franchise hit leader Michael Young. According to three major league sources, the Rangers were in advanced talks with Philadelphia about a deal for the 36-year-old Young that would include the Rangers eating more than half of his remaining $16 million in salary. The Rangers would likely receive a young major league reliever along with a lower-level prospect.

The Dallas Morning News

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December 6, 2012  09:19 AM ET

If the Phils get off to a bad start their fans will boo the GM out of town because he let all of the better players go somewhere else.

December 6, 2012  11:53 AM ET

They're at least a couple of years too late.

December 6, 2012  02:15 PM ET

Young has hands of stone. But he will fit in well with Philly's youth movement.

December 6, 2012  02:59 PM ET

If the Phils get off to a bad start their fans will boo the GM out of town because he let all of the better players go somewhere else.

Phillies, He's going to da Eagles!!!

December 6, 2012  03:40 PM ET

Just what the Phils need - another north of 35 player.

December 6, 2012  06:37 PM ET

Paltoon with Frandsen at 3B

December 7, 2012  02:39 PM ET

Your bat has slowed down and you cannot play defense and they have probably not forgotten about 11 costing them the series, so it is time to go.

December 7, 2012  04:20 PM ET

The Phillies have a shot this year at going to the World Series, and maybe next year, and then it is rebuild time. Polanco is done. They need someone to play the position this year, and maybe next. The young guys aren't ready. The old guys include Reynolds, Youk, and Young. Reynolds is a disaster in the field. Youk probably can't play every day, and his fielding has deteriorated, but he might be an okay choice if NY hadn't offered him 12 million for 1 year. The Rangers seem to have a realistic assessment of Young's skills at this time. I don't see any better alternatives for them--the Mariners have a pretty good young 3rd baseman in Seager, but given the market for 3rd basemen there is no way they would turn him loose for anything less than twice as much as he is worth. It is an ugly year to not have a 3rd baseman.


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