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Is Kirk Hinrich the worst point guard in the NBA?


04:40 PM ET 12.06 | As a point guard, it is his job to run the team's offense. Nowadays, point guards are not always the true point guards they were originally meant to be. Sometimes, you can come across scoring point guards. Hinrich is more of the traditional point guard, one who sets up the team's offense, so he makes it his duty to make the correct plays and get his teammates involved. It is in this aspect where Hinrich does better than he does in scoring. He has averaged 5.6 assists and has done a good job running the offense, which is far from the worst in the NBA. He does not force shots, makes the right plays, and handles the ball well. Hinrich has been reliable and his duties as the floor general have been executed well enough for him to be out on the hardwood to help the Bulls close out games. Hinrich isn't the best point guard in the NBA but he's far from the worst.

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Kirk Hinrich, AP Photo/Tony Dejak Kirk Hinrich, AP Photo/Tony Dejak
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December 6, 2012  06:31 PM ET

basically he is mediocre-if you have decent players around him- he could be functional(ala derek fisher of years in LA) if you need him to make the team go- you're dead

Youre crazy!! Fisher was deadly making 3s saving the Lakers as-ses in the many playoffs games!

December 6, 2012  09:01 PM ET

If you only look at gaudy stats, then guys like Carlos Boozer, Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony are huge stars. It's easy to grade them -- when they're not scoring in big numbers, they're not doing their job.

But there was an article about Shane Battier a few years ago called "The No Stats Allstar," which talked about how he makes teams better without doing anything that appears in the box scores. He plays good defense (jon-ball, off-ball, help), forces opponents into their lowest percentage shooting spots, doesn't take bad shots himself, blocks out, screens, cuts, makes the extra pass, etc. He can go 0-0-0-0-0 and still have a great night.

Hinrich and Deng do the same thing. Yet they get no love from the Chicago fans. Even though they fit Thibodeau's style of play perfectly.

December 6, 2012  10:37 PM ET

......."The No Stats Allstar," which talked about how he makes teams better without doing anything that appears in the box scores.........Hinrich and Deng do the same thing.......

Deng? Yes. He often either scores 20 points or pulls down 10+ rebounds a game. And he play excellent defense.

Hinrich? No. His defense in average. His ability to push the ball is sub-standard. Is shooting is pathetic. He has no ability to penetrate, so he can draw in defenders. And he's not much of a passer. HE DOES NOTHING WELL!

I don't know what you've been looking at but he adds nothing to this team. He's a big step down from C.J. Watson and it's too bad that they signed him.....even to a two-year contract.

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