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Niners won't ditch ineffective play


08:13 AM ET 12.07 | Dear, Niners fans: Get used to it. The pitch-option may have blown up on the 49ers on Sunday, but Greg Roman didn't sound like someone who was going to put the play on the back shelf. Roman, who called the fourth-quarter play that resulted in the Rams' only touchdown, said he thought the option was part of the future of football. "I do -- felt that way for a while," Roman said. "... I can remember Pittsburgh ran an option play against the Packers in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. It's in a lot of people's playbooks. Some people teach it more than others. But those type of plays put a lot of pressure on a defense. Again, it all comes down to execution." Execution was a theme in Roman's weekly address to the media.

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Colin Kaepernick, Icon Sports Colin Kaepernick, Icon Sports
December 7, 2012  08:56 AM ET

One more thing for the other teams' DCs to worry about, even if they don't run it.

The next time, they'll disguise it. Different formation. Run it to the right. Run it with different guys. Have a cheerleader have a wardrobe malfunction just before the snap. And it will go for big yards. Just watch. Stuff like this makes football fun.

December 7, 2012  09:03 AM ET

Reminds me of an old quote:
Interviewer: "How do you feel about the execution of the option play?"
Coach: "I'm in favor of it."

December 7, 2012  09:36 AM ET

It would help if Tedd Ginn had better hands... back to back weeks he's messed up and had it burn the team...

December 7, 2012  09:55 AM ET

It would help if Tedd Ginn had better hands... back to back weeks he's messed up and had it burn the team...

A guy the Dolphins didn't want anymore.

December 7, 2012  10:51 AM ET

Nah, they won't ditch it... But I bet they won't call it again.

December 7, 2012  11:09 AM ET

It would help if Tedd Ginn had better hands... back to back weeks he's messed up and had it burn the team...

It was the first time they have had Ginn in the backfield all year long, Ginn not only set up wrong in the backfield he was out of position when the lateral was made ( it was still a bad lateral, no excuses ) but a rule of thumb is that if you are going to run a play that has received very little practice time then at least run the play when you have a big lead and are down in the other teams territory.

After last season Roman was dubbed a Genius, and then when the 49ers had the record breaking game against Buffalo he got more credits on his resume. But few remember that in the playoffs last year against New Orleans that the passing play to Vernon Davis for the game winning TD was not drawn up by him but was in fact a play devised by the QB coach. The truth is Roman has relied on a very good offensive line to make his running game look good, but when it comes to a aerial offense Roman is a poor game planner.

I am a 49er fan, and I'll tell you why it was the right thing to start Kaepernick. It goes to show how ineffectual the 49er passing game is. It looks good that the 49ers have Smith with a 70% completion percentage, and Kaepernick with 65%, not because of the QB's but because of the poor play selection that hardly ever includes a deep ball. THe best and only what you could call a deep pass was thrown by Kaepernick to Kyle Williams, where the pass itself was thrown deadly accurate 40 yards in the air. Randy Moss who many regard as a deep threat has become a non factor in the passing game. The 49ers have used Moss sparingly, his longest play which went for a TD was the result of poor tackling, you would think that with his height of 6'4" that Moss would be the #1 or #2 target in the Red Zone. Not Greg Roman, its RUN, RUN, RUN=FG. Roman keeps flapping his lips about how he was going to draw up some really dynamic running plays for LaMichael James and yet for 3/4 of the season rookie James has yet to step on the field.

December 7, 2012  02:12 PM ET

If they ditched it they would just have to think up another bonehead play

December 8, 2012  12:29 AM ET

True dat.


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