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Howard's heart still in Brooklyn


08:20 AM ET 12.07 | Is anyone -- other than fans in Atlanta and Dallas -- really prepared for the Dwight Howard countdown to begin all over again while the veteran center is only now making his way through the early part of his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers? So hard to predict what [Howard] is going to do. He seemingly changed his mind every week last season. LA is just a great market for him. He's going to get healthier. The keys to this team will be his soon. He still would prefer Brooklyn. He's made that clear. But right now there is now clear path for him to get there. Dallas and Atlanta are both options, but not sure either team can offer him all of the non salary benefits the Lakers can.

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December 7, 2012  08:41 AM ET

Are they still talking about this ish?

This is why I say the Lakers are distracted. In isn't about media talking about Howard, but the fact that everyone isn't focus on winning the finals. They don't play like a team trying to win it all, the effort isn't at that level

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December 7, 2012  09:13 AM ET

Howard is an effective player and at times can be a very dominant player but can be controlled at points during the game. His glaring weakness is "free throw" shooting and because it has been exposed mightily this season it has effected his conscious and unconscious behavior this season. He know that at some time during the game his free throw shooting will be on display and he will show an inability to make shots when needed. One thing about the Lakers this season; when they are making shots from outside the team flourishes; so Toronto may be a good trade partner if and when Nash returns and Gasol don't get his act together.

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December 7, 2012  09:35 AM ET

Better To Stay On The Best Coast, Bro.

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December 7, 2012  10:02 AM ET

I respectfully disagree....Guys that play in la, NY are always dealing with distractions....They aren't distracted, they are rudderless.They are trying to run an intricate system with a 3rd string pgThis team can't be judged.til Nash comes back and they let him operate.If they go 7-9, 6-10 when he comes back...THAT is when I'll be concerndd

That would explain why NY never wins it all but LA in championship yrs were focus on going to the finals. DOn't get me wrong they had distractions but even in Shaq, Kobe days the distractions were about basketball. When the distraction became something else they fell apart

December 7, 2012  10:02 AM ET

Personally I believe Antwan Jamison is that stretch-4 that D'Antoni needs already on the roster.I would suggest trading Pau for some athletic wing type players.

keep pau as a center and a sixth man, put move jamison to the pf.

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December 7, 2012  10:42 AM ET

really, this story again. While this isn't over, still damn early to speculate about Howard tenure in LA. Only really during the playoffs we can somewhat predict his future.

December 7, 2012  10:58 AM ET

Howard is shady like under a tree... if I'm Brooklyn I'm staying clear off him like Promethius...


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