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Rivera offers bold return claim


08:09 AM ET 12.13 | Mariano Rivera brought both gifts and glad tidings to a holiday event Wednesday in New York. [Rivera], who is coming back from right knee surgery, says he'll be ready to pitch Opening Day April 1. "Oh, yeah, I don't see why not," Rivera said. ... "We have at least three months, four months until that point. I'll be ready." The 43-year-old closer suffered a torn ACL last May, but he's "feeling good" now as he progresses through rehab. "The leg's getting stronger and stronger," he noted, before adding, somewhat philosophically: "You have to give it time. I'm doing my part and time is doing its part." Rivera has not started throwing regularly, but he was lobbing the ball off a mound a few weeks ago as part of a commercial shoot.

New York Daily News

Mariano Rivera, Getty Images Mariano Rivera, Getty Images
December 13, 2012  08:28 AM ET

I don't see where the word 'bold' comes into the equation. I just see him as exuding confidence in his ability to come back in time for the start of the season. Nothing more.

December 13, 2012  08:56 AM ET

I don't see where the word 'bold' comes into the equation. I just see him as exuding confidence in his ability to come back in time for the start of the season. Nothing more.

It was a typo. Bald ?

December 13, 2012  10:13 AM ET

Meh. A non story.

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December 13, 2012  01:57 PM ET

MR note to self: No more shagging fly balls in the outfield.

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December 13, 2012  06:02 PM ET

Another BORING Yankee article!!! WHO CARES!!!!

December 13, 2012  06:32 PM ET

The Old York Yankees are a non factor or story.

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December 13, 2012  06:46 PM ET

Only The Greatest Old Boring Relief Pitcher that ever played the Game and Yes he's a Yankee and will once again not be a factor, he will be a Major Factor, I played in Auburn when it was Auburn!!! Used to be a Yankee Farm Team!!!

December 13, 2012  09:38 PM ET

Maybe those were editing comments, and they meant for the headline to be bolded.

December 14, 2012  01:46 AM ET

He didn't say a thing, and I care.

These men are drunks and don't know where they are
-kang, in enter the dragon

December 14, 2012  08:11 AM ET

The "art" of ACL reconstruction and knee surgery in general has changed radically as the years have passed. Many years ago knee surgery, even minor, meant a big scar and months of inactivity followed by grueling rehab. The invention of arthroscopic procedures changed all that.Just in the past few years the Doctors have been able to minimize the invasive muscle tissue damaging part of the procedure to the point that the rehab starts almost immediately. Contrast that to my own ACL repair (done arthroscopically) 20 years ago where the surgeon didn't want me to start rehab for several months and I was out of work (construction) for over a year. 5 years ago I had a minor scope procedure to clean out some torn meniscus (other knee) and I walked out the one day surgical center without crutches and barely a limp. I was working 2 days later, though not kneeling or climbing up on ladders and roofs.

Just ask Bobby Orr how he feels about knee surgery. If he was playing today he would never have the problems had back "in the day". Even with the bad knees he was still the best defense man that ever played the game.

December 14, 2012  01:44 PM ET

A bigger story is would be about all of the Yankee fans who cannot stomach Youklis playing in pinstripes. I personally have rooted for them since the '64 series. I even tolerated Damon coming over. But to pick up a Red Sux has-been?

December 16, 2012  02:14 AM ET

I don't see where the word 'bold' comes into the equation.

Yeah, I figured I come in here to read something like, "Rivera promises 50-save season" or "Rivera guarantees another World Championship."

This was about as bold as me ordering the fish tacos for lunch...


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