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Nash back by Christmas?


08:04 AM ET 12.14 | An important holiday gift may be under the tree for fans of the struggling Lakers. Much-missed Lakers point guard Steve Nash lent hope to the idea that he'll be back before Christmas with a positive report Thursday night on his recovery from a fractured left fibula. "I have been running the last day and a half, and it has been responding very well," Nash said. "It hasn't been a huge load, but it is something." Nash indicated he could start practicing again next week, and the Lakers have three days without a game -- a good opportunity for on-court work with his teammates -- before they play at Golden State on Dec. 22, then Dec. 25 vs. the New York Knicks at home. "I still can't do certain things," Nash said. "Right now, I am knocking down hurdles."

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December 14, 2012  08:38 AM ET

turnovers..... again

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December 14, 2012  08:41 AM ET

LolLakers fans will be sleeping off a hangover today

Oh ur trippin! I am a Laker fan no matter wut!!!!! LOL morning all!

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December 14, 2012  08:45 AM ET

Lets see.......we've taken out the Mavs, Heat, Spurs, Nets, Sixers, Pacers, and now these biittchees. So much for the soft and easy schedule. I know its early but this a requsite for future happening around the league, bar none!

You had all these Lakers fans yapping off at the mouth on how a victory in the Garden would jumpstart them to beginning of the success they foresaw leading up to and whenl savior Nash comes back. Funny though, the Knicks didn't get that message, and frankly, niether did Apple. Then you had Howard trying to put Melo where Nash **** is, that is, hurt and sitting his **** on the bench. Luckily though its only a minor sprain and its day to day.

Here's a little news fa ya Lakers contingent, Shump, Stat, & Camby are out, so don't go running off at the mouth about Nash & Gasol. Handle it, it was an even gun fight, only we didn't go after one of you star biittchees as did the Lakers!

So yeah yeah yeah, keep running of at the mouth looking for a Knicks collapes, as would that character Lostwill (remember he can see bad things in Melo) and his warped imagination. Well Apple is here to tell just ain't gonna happen baby! Apple, and I'm out!

December 14, 2012  08:45 AM ET

Naaaaaaaaaah....they have the Generals next. So, they can look foward to a win...lolI have not looked at their schedule. But, a string of games against the Generals, Raptors and Sob-cats would do wonders for that teams confidence.

hey a win is a win...i am sure any team that wins against any team doesn't say oh that it don't count jus based on who their opponent wuz. ; )

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December 14, 2012  08:48 AM ET

There is enough blame to go around.Trigger Mike looks lost and overwhelmed, Howard is either hurt or compleely disinterested and that backcourt is AWFUL.They need to cut the dead weight in Blake and Duhon and pick up West.That Toronto trade may help too. Andrea is a one trick pony. But, he does that one trick well.And, Calderon is better than what they have now.

i sooooo agree bout Blake. I think i would b happy 2 get rid of him even if it meant the team had 2 have a roster with 1 less player cuz no body will trade 4 him...i jus really have a very strong dislike 4 blake.

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December 14, 2012  08:49 AM ET

And boy do they need

no doubt....but sumthin will change. I don't know wut yet but sumthin will. Hey the bright side is if they don't get any better they might actually have a chance to get sumthin outta next year's draft! LOL

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