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Angels looking to move an outfielder?


08:08 AM ET 12.14 | Ben Revere admitted he was shocked Thursday to learn that he would be roaming the outfield in Philadelphia, and the Phillies may still be looking for a big bat. While some members of the Phillies organization salivated over having [Josh Hamilton???s] bat in the lineup, multiple sources say the Phils spoke to the slugger???s representatives, but did not make an offer. With Hamilton on board, the Angels could have a surplus of outfielders. The Phils have long liked centerfielder Peter Bourjos, and corner man Mark Trumbo swings a power bat. It???s unclear if the Angels would trade one of these guys, but even if they did it???s unlikely the Phillies would have the pitching depth needed to swing a deal. The Angels also have veteran Vernon Wells on their roster.

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Mark Trumbo, Icon Sports Mark Trumbo, Icon Sports
December 14, 2012  08:10 AM ET

I would think so, since they filled up their outfield!!!

December 14, 2012  08:15 AM ET

I wouldn't mind seeing Trumbo at 1B in Boston. Get on the phone Ben, make a deal.

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December 14, 2012  08:42 AM ET

Wells makes the same as Hamilton this year. untradeable.

December 14, 2012  09:09 AM ET

Wells makes the same as Hamilton this year. untradeable.

That's what I thought until the Angels traded for him.

December 14, 2012  12:03 PM ET

the angels would need to make a wise trade, the rays have the right amount of pitchers for halos needs in their devastated rotation, should the angels rotation collapse in the first month of the season??????? trade trumbo and get hellickson and chris archer,,,

December 14, 2012  12:04 PM ET

Wells makes the same as Hamilton this year. untradeable.

too many outfielders would make mike sciocia confused...

December 14, 2012  12:06 PM ET

I wouldn't mind seeing Trumbo at 1B in Boston. Get on the phone Ben, make a deal.

angels need starters and the red sox lacks deep in their top team as well in their minor system..
where or whom the red sox would send to the halos team???

December 14, 2012  12:08 PM ET

the halos would need to work a deal but a real deal with a team WHO its heavy loaded with top pitching,,the reds/the rays/the royals./the jays the rangers???

December 14, 2012  12:09 PM ET

angels may deal trumbo,,i just hope that they don't give him a way just for a couple single A minor leaguers,,that would be a blow for the angels expectations,,

December 14, 2012  12:10 PM ET

pete bourjos could be shifted to the minors untill mid-season//

December 14, 2012  12:12 PM ET

trading trumbo should be the halos very least option,,,smart move??hamilton to the halos roster, dumb move? trading trumbo for a prospect,,

December 14, 2012  12:14 PM ET

the halos should think for a very long time,,before trying to trade their outfield,,,
by trading top power hitter in trumbo would be like taking 5 steps back,,,

December 14, 2012  12:15 PM ET

if it would be at to me,,i wouldn't trade trumbo unless i was able to get the right starters like the ones in the rays roster,,,,

December 14, 2012  12:18 PM ET

angels rotation its worse than last year, should angels trade their top outfielder to the rays?? or should the halos close the door and just keep trumbo for an emergency to the outfielder,,,

December 14, 2012  12:20 PM ET

halos shouldn't make any move, blaton and hanson should overcome the angels last year misery!!!

December 14, 2012  12:21 PM ET

yes trumbo its young, yes trumbo would help any weak team in their offensive area,yes trumbo would cost onle 500k, for the next two seasons,,

December 14, 2012  12:23 PM ET

angels should trade bourjos, trade conger as well but get the right decent arm for the weakest rotation in the team,,

December 14, 2012  12:25 PM ET

halos could use this extra card in the july trades ONLY IF the halos know exactly what type of quality player should they get in return,,,

December 14, 2012  12:26 PM ET

catcher and a third base its a nesecity, should angels trade trumbo for a padres third basemen?? but should it be enough for the halos???


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