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Report: Packers to trade or cut Jermichael Finley after season


09:27 AM ET 12.16 | Under the deliberative direction of Ted Thompson, the Green Bay Packers almost never make major decisions until deadlines near. But barring a shocking turn of events in the next month or so, tight end Jermichael Finley is playing his fifth and final season for the team. Sources familiar with the Packers' thinking say the club not only wants to get rid of Finley but has decided to do exactly that in the off-season. It means that if the Packers cannot find a trade partner, they are prepared to release Finley because of financial, competitive and behavioral reasons. There is no way the Packers will pick up the second half of the two-year, $14 million contract they gave Finley in late February, according to sources. Finley hasn't performed anywhere near the sixth-best tight end in the National Football League, which is where he ranks in average salary per year at $7 million. An executive in personnel who conducted a full tape study of Finley last week rated him as the 22nd-best tight end. Coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers seem to have lost some confidence in Finley and have moved toward a more wide receiver-driven attack. The overriding reasons behind the Packers' decision to move on are Finley's contract and his disappointing performance in the last 1 1/2 seasons. But certainly the way Finley has conducted himself over the five years enters the equation as well. There also were deep-rooted questions about the level of respect Finley still had among his teammates and coaches.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Jermichael Finley, Jamie Squire/Getty Images Jermichael Finley, Jamie Squire/Getty Images
December 16, 2012  09:40 AM ET

Good luck in Arizona, fool.

December 16, 2012  10:26 AM ET

Good luck in Arizona, fool.

Follow me, into the desert, as desperate as you are.

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December 16, 2012  11:05 AM ET

once again unnamed sources are there to manufacture news. Finley is not going anywhere no matter how badly the media wants to put him on the cowboys or the broncos.

December 16, 2012  11:09 AM ET

reporter A: Man it's a slow news day, i don't have anything to say, as usual.
reporter B: I think the Packers will probably part ways with Finley in the offseason.
reporter A (typing): Dateline Green Bay, Sources familiar with the Packers....

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December 16, 2012  11:10 AM ET

Adios Jermichael. He whines when he doesn't get the ball, then when it's thrown to him, he can't make the catch anyways. Very rarely does A-Rod waste a toss on him anymore. Average blocker and receiver, doesn't warrant a $7 mil paycheck. Ask Brett if the grass is greener on the other side.

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December 16, 2012  11:20 AM ET

A-Rod ------------------->


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December 16, 2012  11:24 AM ET

Gee I'm shocked, get me some medication. Hey, two things. Yes the packers see this guy has sucked that past year and a half but second, they are paying him a ton o dough. The Packers mode, and I don't agree with it but they don't have those deep pocket owners, they have no money to compete. They dumped pro bowlers Jenkins, Well's due to money and lost Collins to injury and tried to replace these guy with undrafted free agents so Finley being dumped is no shock. I applaud them for this call the guy sucks.

December 16, 2012  11:26 AM ET

Can't imagine why. Great player and teammate. Plus all the charities he belongs to

Key word here is 'was'. He had two decent seasons before being freight trained. Now he is number 22 on the tight end list.

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December 16, 2012  11:29 AM ET

He has character issues, high salary next year, bad hands and blocker, no takers- RELEASE.

December 16, 2012  11:32 AM ET

His mother was an ****?

Either that or a stunning specimen... which brings into question his father.

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December 16, 2012  12:11 PM ET

Very key....explains the confused look at that bat

And when you get right down to it - he is a bit of a nag.

December 16, 2012  12:39 PM ET

He was stirring the pot with one of the best QBs in the league... I'd be more surprised if he wasn't released.

December 16, 2012  12:40 PM ET

He has character issues, high salary next year, bad hands and blocker, no takers- RELEASE.

I can think of a dysfunctional AFC East team with which he'd fit in well.

December 16, 2012  12:49 PM ET

You can tell it's a weekend when the top poster is a spammer...


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