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Angels and Mariners swap Morales for Vargas


02:30 AM ET 12.20 | In a rare move where division rivals are helping each other, the Los Angles Angels and Seattle Mariners have made a swap in order to fill needs on both teams. The Angels sent first baseman Kendrys Morales to the Mariners for left-handed starter Jason Vargas. Both teams had major needs at the given positions they traded for. The Angels are reeling after missing out on bringing back ace Zack Greinke and could use some help on their starting staff. The Mariners, on the other hand, have struck out badly when it comes to finding a viable hitter on the market to beef up their lineup after the Angels grabbed Josh Hamilton. The trade couldn't have been more straight up on either side. Both players have one year of team control left on their contracts, both are serviceable players that are worthy of a starting role, but neither are lights-out superstars and both have notable flaws.


Jason Vargas, AP Photo/Elaine Thompson Jason Vargas, AP Photo/Elaine Thompson
December 21, 2012  12:45 AM ET

Seattle got the better end of this deal.

December 21, 2012  07:58 AM ET

Not sure about that. I love Morales, but we needed a guy who could eat innings, and that's what we got.

December 21, 2012  08:32 AM ET

Helping your division rival is never a good idea. And, usually comes back to bite ya in the ****!

December 21, 2012  08:35 AM ET

I am not sure that the Angels missing out on Geinke is as bad as this article intimates. Frankly, he is a pitcher that when you throw out that Cy Young year is very good. Even with that CY year his lifetime ERA is still 3.77. Yeah, he gives you innings and he strikes out a fair number of batters but is he worth (throw out 2013's $19 mil salary) an average of $25.5 mil until 2018? Although, I am not sure investing $24.6 mil (average) a year for five years in Hamilton was that great a deal.
But I think in the long run the Angles will get a better return on their money than the Dodgers.
Simply put, I think the Angels should be glad they did not sign Greinke and have no cause to wring their hands and gnash their teeth.
As far as Seattle getting Hamilton, in my opinion, that was never gonna happen. So, they also have no cause to wring their hands or gnash their teeth.
So while the article seems to over dramatize what each team did not get, it does, especially in respect to this year's free agent market, nail it when it states that both players give each team a fair market value that has potential to be very servicable and nice addition to their rosters.

December 21, 2012  10:33 AM ET

Helping your division rival is never a good idea. And, usually comes back to bite ya in the ****!

Unless maybe, you also help yourself.

December 21, 2012  10:47 AM ET

The fact the Angels missed the playoffs with the Starters and Lineup they had is messed up

December 21, 2012  02:56 PM ET

The fact the Angels missed the playoffs with the Starters and Lineup they had is messed up

Our bullpen was horrible last year. We addressed that issue.

December 21, 2012  03:23 PM ET

First Stop for Morales in Seattle is The Crab Pot Resturant, Then The Ball Park!!!

December 21, 2012  08:46 PM ET

The Angels have the sickest 2,3,4 Lineup I have seen in a very long time. What to do with Vernon Wells tho? Is he seeing anytime this year?

December 22, 2012  11:49 AM ET

With that lineup behind him, Vargas should experience his best year!!!


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