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MLB exec calls the Marlins 'a nonentity'


08:10 AM ET 12.21 | At the midway point of the offseason, a poll of MLB executives found the Marlins to be baseball's least-improved team. Ready for a shocker? The Marlins were NOT the unanimous choice. ... But only because one AL executive took this stance: "Are they still in the big leagues? I don't even count them. They're a nonentity." Whew. Does that give you an indication of how offended some folks in this sport were by the direction this franchise has taken, or what? ... And one more uplifting observation, from another AL exec: It's not as if they can finish any lower next year than they did this year. "Obviously, they were a last-place team with those guys," he said. "So it doesn't mean they'll be a whole lot worse. Who knows? Something freaky could happen."

Giancarlo Stanton, Icon Sports Giancarlo Stanton, Icon Sports
December 21, 2012  08:28 AM ET


December 21, 2012  08:29 AM ET

WOW! When you've sunk below the Pittsburgh Pirates you're really, really in bad shape!!!

December 21, 2012  08:44 AM ET

Refresh my memory what exactly did the Marlins get in return for the players they sent to Toronto? any real prospects? And, if, they did then that Excec who said that they were a last place team with the players they traded may have actually siad something worth thinking over. Which is that the Marlins may in the long run be a better team now, and in the future, (considering their rank in the standings), than they were in 2012.

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December 21, 2012  09:22 AM ET

That said, I agree that Miami looks to be a AAA team surrounding Giancarlo Stanton.

Stanton won't have any protection in the lineup either. Teams will just pitch around him.

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December 21, 2012  09:28 AM ET

If they are for real about rebuilding, they would've traded Stanton by now. He's going to rot on a cellar dweller for years, then leave right before his contract's up (because there is NO way he's signing long-term there) or even worse, leave for free.

Who says they won't? However, I do admit that I am not overly confident in anything the owner of the Marlins is about to do. The guy's history precedes him.

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December 21, 2012  10:03 AM ET

It will be interesting to watch next year in the NL East division a two team race for fourth place.

December 21, 2012  10:24 AM ET

Among the "Freaky" things that could happen, don't count fans coming to the games.

December 21, 2012  10:30 AM ET

They got a few prospects with Potential but both D'ARNAULD and Syndergaard are projected as Elite!! Wtf were the Mariners doing they should have insisted on D'ARNAULD considering the talent they sent back!!
D'ARNAULD has been compared to Mauer and Syndergaard compared to Halladay.... They may never work out but they could have asked for more

December 21, 2012  10:31 AM ET


December 21, 2012  10:36 AM ET

I know I am going to do what amounts to pissing in the wind ... i.e., I am about to accomplish little to nothing and wind up in the muck and mire ... but it is time to contract some teams and we can start with the Marlins.
I doubt Florida will ever support two teams, although, you would think it had that capabilty to do so with its demographics. Maybe it is a more football oriented than baseball oriented but with its weather and extended amateur/collegiate season, its many transplanted retirees from the East and North and a sizable Spanish/Cuban population you would think baseball would do well in South Florida.
I know it helps to put a decent product out on the field but still....

December 21, 2012  10:37 AM ET

is "but still..." redundant?

December 21, 2012  10:49 AM ET

is "but still..." redundant?

Not according to the Redundancy Office of Redunancy......

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December 21, 2012  11:42 AM ET

Keep in mind, guys, that no one - nobody - predicted the A's would be in the playoffs last year. And nobody predicted the Orioles would be there either.That said, I agree that Miami looks to be a AAA team surrounding Giancarlo Stanton.

logan morrison and stanton appears to be the leaders in the miami team,,, but a lack in pitching will likely be a dead end in marlins team,,

December 21, 2012  11:44 AM ET

Stanton won't have any protection in the lineup either. Teams will just pitch around him.

no team would need to pitch around any marlin player,the team is good as a dead body and where is the respectability in this franchise anyways??

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