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Ominous sign for Conte, Forte?


08:06 AM ET 12.25 | There may be some writing on the wall in Chicago. The best indication of how severe a particular injury might be is usually in the steps the team takes in the hours after it occurs. So when the Bears released wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher on Monday after injuries to running back Matt Forte and safety Chris Conte, the focus went right to concern over whether one or both of those starters would be lost for the Detroit Lions game next Sunday. "We're evaluating still all of the players," coach Lovie Smith said. "So we don't have any more information from yesterday." ... The fact that Sanzenbacher was waived mildly suggests that the Bears may be leaning toward adding a player on offense to shore up running back. Harvey Unga is on the practice squad if Forte's injured right ankle does not respond quickly to treatment.

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Matt Forte, Icon Sports Matt Forte, Icon Sports
December 25, 2012  08:48 AM ET
December 25, 2012  10:35 AM ET

I need Forte in my fantasy championship game Lovie...dont shelf him please. Thank u

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December 25, 2012  02:03 PM ET

Doesn't matter. Bears are toast anyway.

Go Pack!


December 25, 2012  03:46 PM ET

It looks like they'll manage to squeeze into the playoffs. Not that it will matter that much because they can beat anybody above them. It'll be 'one and out' for them.

December 25, 2012  03:47 PM ET

That is a shame that both got injured, I still am hoping that Chicago or Minnesota wins.

December 25, 2012  03:48 PM ET

Forte's ankle has made him useless all year. No reason to believe he will be of any use until next year

Yep. His ankle is his Achilles' heel.

December 25, 2012  04:45 PM ET

Forte is brittle as hell. Silly to put your fantasy team, much less an actual team in his hands.

December 25, 2012  05:17 PM ET

Forte is brittle as hell.

So is Bush, so they don't really have much at RB that can be counted on for a whole season.

December 25, 2012  11:57 PM ET

Some people on here just don't have a clue. Forte has missed a grand total of 6 games through 5 NFL seasons. How does that translate to "brittle as hell"? What is true is the ankle has hindered him this season but he's still just 9 yards off his 3rd 1000 yard season. Not elite level production, but not that bad either.

December 26, 2012  01:38 AM ET

Ominous sign? How about this for a sign (or indication) that is far more obvious than some "ominous sign". The Bears were 7-1, now they're 9-6. They will likely not make the playoffs regardless of the outcome of their game this coming weekend.
At 7-1, they were badly overrated. At 9-6 they are who we thought they are, and the NFL doesn't let ANYBODY off the hook.

December 26, 2012  08:08 AM ET

da Bears!

December 26, 2012  09:00 AM ET

Not really the issue, a team will never truly be a contender w/ Cutler as their QB.

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