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Rays seeking a 'bat or two'


08:13 AM ET 12.25 | Tampa Bay may not be done shopping just yet. The Rays have already filled several holes this offseason, from picking up first baseman James Loney and shortstop Yunel Escobar to providing pitching depth with righthander Roberto Hernandez. They acquired outfield prospect Wil Myers, the key chip in the James Shields-Wade Davis trade to the Royals, who could be an intriguing offensive addition for years to come. But Myers may still start the season in Triple-A Durham. So executive vice president Andrew Friedman said they're still looking for a "bat or two" to add for next season. ... With the "big-name" options waning this winter -- and the Rays having already traded two starting pitchers -- you can probably expect Tampa Bay to go [the relative bargain] route again, taking a chance on a complementary bat and hoping for a bounce-back type season.

Tampa Bay Times

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December 25, 2012  12:17 PM ET

sure thing, lets see we have andrus from the rangers available in the trade mode, mark trumbo would fit perfectly IF the rays are willing to trade hellickson and chris archer, trumbo would cost the minimum, 500k and hellickson cost about the same price!!!

December 25, 2012  12:21 PM ET

the available elements are there for the taker, it all depends what type of a player the rays are thinking to give up, too many teams are in need of starters/ yankees rangers/angels/red sox/ and so on/ but the trade that would give a big boost to the rays,,,,would be trumbo he its young and can hit for power plus can be used in 3 different spots/DHfirst base,and plays the outfield!!!

December 25, 2012  12:23 PM ET

the angels may would think very long time before give up trumbo but sometimes you need to sacrifice a top player in order to solidify your rotation hanson/blaton? can't guarantee any good results next season!!

December 25, 2012  01:05 PM ET

the other options the rays have,,,, trade matt moore for a major league hitter about matt moore for trumbo straight like that??now don't forget matt moore its making more money than trumbo!!!

December 25, 2012  01:07 PM ET

about chris archer and alex torres for vernon wells?? its the hefty contract a obstakle for rays? not to worried the angels likely will paid in full!!

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December 26, 2012  08:23 AM ET

Stop smoking crack.

He just likes to hear himself type.

December 26, 2012  09:23 AM ET

Outfield is not an issue with Joyce, Jennings, Zobrist and Fuld all on the roster with Myers in the wings. The Rays believe they would have been better if Longo didn't get hurt in 2012. No need to trade prospects. They'll sign a Hafner or someone like that for 2013 and continue to grind. More concerned about locking down Price than anything personally.


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