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Cleveland still a sub.- 500 team


08:15 AM ET 12.25 | The additions of Terry Francona and Nick Swisher certainly help morale among Indians fans, though many can still see trouble on the horizon. The fact is the Tribe has no prime prospects in the outfield or first base at the upper levels of the farm system. It was imperative that they spend for Swisher to fill one of the gaps. Unless general manager Chris Antonetti can find some more starting pitching, this team may not even finish at .500. ... Some baseball people have questioned the signing of Swisher, saying why overpay for a 32-year-old when your team is not ready to contend. The Indians know that these experts don't fully comprehend the gloom hanging over the franchise.

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Nick Swisher, Icon Sports Nick Swisher, Icon Sports
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December 25, 2012  12:10 PM ET

yeah but should terry francona turn directions with the indians club??sometimes all what a team needs is a little conffidence in your team and coaches as well their new manager,,, we need to help and count in each other in order to be able to achieve things,,,

December 25, 2012  12:11 PM ET

yes the indians did some upgrade but still need alot of work at glance!!

December 25, 2012  12:13 PM ET

the indians were ok last year until they turn back for some reason,but then again if you never try it then likely the organization won't be able to get some chemistry!!

December 25, 2012  12:57 PM ET

if you never try it likely you never would find out IF you really can swim on rough waters, and who knows if francona as skipper wouldn't workout?? sometimes life surely give you surprises, remember showalter in his first season with the orioles?? it showed great improvements,,,

December 25, 2012  12:58 PM ET

all in all the indians have nothing to lose and yet the team would get benefit from swisher after all they still do not have any first basemen prospect ready for the majors though,,,

December 25, 2012  07:10 PM ET

Swisher will help the Indians to a nice 4th place finish in 2013.

December 27, 2012  07:40 AM ET

The farm is barren. Traded all the studs (pitchers) for duds over the past 5 yrs.

December 27, 2012  06:20 PM ET

Swisher, is a good defensive right fielder, has a good arm, can play first base and is a switch hitter, he also hit over 20 homers for eight years in a row, but can he carry the offense, he won't have the big hitters batting behind him! Time will tell, in the mean time you can count on him as a positive locker room jock who never walks away from the mike, he's good with young players and loves the Fans and fans will love him! He's going to do well in Cleveland and hopefully, they will not be accused of over paying him! He's a Good Guy bring your pens and a baseball to the game, he will sign it!!!


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