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SEC has most former players in Pro Bowl


02:41 PM ET 12.27 | The Pro Bowl rosters were revealed yesterday and have been analyzed from top to bottom. We have already gone over the most deserving players and the biggest snubs for the NFL's annual all-star game, so how about a look on how every college football conference is represented in Hawaii. The ACC sent out a press release that gave the conference by conference numbers for the Pro Bowl. It should come as no surprise that *drum roll* the Southeastern Conference had the most players voted in to the Pro Bowl. The SEC is on a dominant run in college football with six straight BCS national championships wins, and a shot at seven in a row. Not only does the SEC own the college hardware, they also produce the most first-round talent in the NFL Draft on a yearly basis, so we should not be surprised they produced the most Pro Bowlers. SEC schools counted for 20 players on the 2013 Pro Bowl rosters. A total of 84 players were voted into the game, so nearly a quarter of the NFL's all-stars are products of the nation's top college football conference. The ACC had the second most players with 12, followed by the Big 12 (11), the Pac-12 (10), the Big Ten (8) and Conference USA (4).

Peyton Manning, Dustin Bradford/Getty Images Peyton Manning, Dustin Bradford/Getty Images
December 27, 2012  10:53 PM ET

The Vols have half as many Pro-Bowl players this year as the ACC has.

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December 28, 2012  06:59 AM ET

I guess the shocker is that the ACC has the second most.

December 28, 2012  08:18 AM ET

.....the past is not an accurate read on the current or future state of affairs....big 12 has been the best conference in college football....still is.. and the gap will grow...ask tamu....

December 28, 2012  08:23 AM ET

The Vols have half as many Pro-Bowl players this year as the ACC has.

Does the Alumni Association have any eligibility remaining?

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December 28, 2012  03:04 PM ET

At the Pro Bowl this year, they might as well hand out the belts with flags-last year's game was a joke. I've seen harder hitting flag football games.

December 28, 2012  10:30 PM ET

Are you kidding me ??? is this even relevant ??? the only thing note worthy is cam newton showing his arse and pissing all the other guy,s off like he,s something special what a lame piece this is......this has nothing to do with anything ..they no longer play for the sec so it does not matter

December 29, 2012  04:35 PM ET

Not surprising; the SEC runs its CFB programs like an NFL minor league.
Makes a mockery of the academic raison d' etre of a university.
As others have said, in the SEC it's a conference of footlball teams looking for a college they can be proud of.
Sooner or later the other college presidents and ADs who comprise the majority of the NCAA's Board will realize it is time to crack down on the SEC and expell them from the NCAA if they don't clean up.

December 29, 2012  11:33 PM ET

Sour grapes


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