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Steelers name injured player as MVP


08:08 AM ET 12.28 | For Ben Roethlisberger, the vote was a "no-brainer." Many things went poorly for the Steelers offense this season for many reasons. One of them was not Heath Miller. ... [Perhaps] everyone came to appreciate him as more than just the best receiving-blocking tight end in the league because he became the best receiver on his team. His teammates Thursday voted Miller their most valuable player this season, which ended for him Sunday when he left in the fourth quarter of the game against Cincinnati with injuries to three ligaments in his right knee, including the anterior cruciate. He could not attend his own MVP ceremony because he was having surgery Thursday.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Ben Roethlisberger, Getty Images Ben Roethlisberger, Getty Images
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December 28, 2012  08:39 AM ET

Heath is a class act, hopefully he comes back at 100%

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December 28, 2012  08:54 AM ET

Hold the man's MVP ceremony when he can be there. Seriously, too much to ask?

December 28, 2012  10:17 AM ET

Seems like a no-brainer to me. The man is easily one of the best TE's in the league and the one consistent weapon the Steelers had all year.

December 28, 2012  10:17 AM ET

No one on that team deserves MVP more than HEEEAAATTTHHHHHHH!!!!

Get well soon, cause it's Miller Time!

December 28, 2012  10:41 AM ET

(cut and paste) Recievers are a dime a dozen, good tight ends are worth their weight in gold.

December 28, 2012  11:48 AM ET

"everyone came to appreciate him as more than just the best receiving-blocking tight end in the league"

Apparently the Pittsburgh media is unfamiliar with one Rob Gronkowski.

December 28, 2012  11:52 AM ET

"everyone came to appreciate him as more than just the best receiving-blocking tight end in the league"Apparently the Pittsburgh media is unfamiliar with one Rob Gronkowski.

Yeah they are, and after he strings 8 or 9 great years together we'll compare him to Heath

December 28, 2012  01:18 PM ET

Yeah they are, and after he strings 8 or 9 great years together we'll compare him to Heath

Shouldn't Miller have to do that first? Guy has maybe three 'great' years in his 8 year career.

In 123 games he has 39 TDs and 4700 yards.
In 42 games Gronk has 37 TDs and 2600 yards.

Gronk matched Miller's output this season despite 5 fewer games.

December 31, 2012  06:14 AM ET

Fans should remember that the word fan stands for fanatic/fanatical, which throws reason out the door. Don't expect "fans" to be reasonable when the sports media themselves debated giving Manning the MVP in a year he didn't even play in (2011), and gave him two previous awards that were unearned based on the stats, and are about to do it again this year when both Brady and Rodgers have better numbers in TD/Turnover Ratio and Brady especially in the critical stats, DYAR and DVOA which say Brady is crushing Manning (19%higher DYAR and 16%higher DVOA). DYAR = most valuable over the season, DVOA = most valuable per play. Any sports writer who votes for Manning, save the homers in Denver, should be banned from the profession for award manipulation, sports prostitution, call it what you like, it's just plain wrong.

January 1, 2013  02:23 AM ET

Noticed a really good article that lays out the specifics for MVP over the last ten years. Usually goes to the QB that scores the most points, except the times Manning won it. There seems to be some sort of funny business, incestuous relationship between the media, ESPN and Manning. Everyone else who wins it has to lead in the stats while Manning wins it with 7th and 13th place stats. This years there are stats that are more accurate than both Passer Rating and QBR, called DYAR and DVOA and take into account strength of opponent (something QBR doesn't) shows Brady well over 10% ahead of Manning in both categories, DYAR = most valuable per season, while DVOA = most valuable per play, not to mention TD/Turnover Ratio (don't forget to include Mannings fumbles and Brady's rushing TDs, because the media conveniently leaves them out to skew the results toward Manning, and he still losses 37/11 = 3.36 Manning to 34/8 = 4.25 Brady (including the missing stats results in ...37/13 = 2.846 Manning to 38/8 = 4.75 Brady. Gotta keep a close eye on those tricksters or the next thing is they will be giving the MVP to someone not playing. Oh wait, they tried to give it to Manning last year because Indy missed him so much. Also, consider Brady broke the NFL record for the most 1st downs in a season and is the only QB to lead his team over the 500 point mark this year, even Seattle with their two 50 point outbursts didn't top 400 (fifth time for Brady to top 500 points in his last five full years). And all the stats Manning leads in are not more important than 1st downs and points scored. You can't even give Manning full credit for wins because he has a top five defense that wins games while Brady has a bottom 5 defense that he has to overcome to not lose games. Remember the two SB losses where the Pats defense folded in the final minute, just like this years S.F. Game, while Manning lost his SB game by throwing INTs and one at the end of the game to seal it. It may be understandable that the media is jealous of Brady, his looks, wife, previous girl friends, his resume etc while Manning is just one of the boys, screwing up Tennesse's run at the championship while T. Martin gets it done a year later. His post season malaise that has been surpassed by his little brother. His class clown like-ability should not result in MVPs not deserved and given just because he is so like the writers who chose him. There should be a governing body that can correct the unbelievable bias that the writers have for him. Give the MVP to the DYAR/DVOA Leader to cut out media manipulation. So get this, a QB has no say on defense, his job is to protect the ball/win the turnover ratio and score points. Brady not only beats Manning but crushes him in both of these categories and the punch-drunk media says let's give it to Manning. They have been building him up all year to justify their plans to coronated him as MVP. You have got to wonder why the media loves Manning so much and why they insist the MVP race includes him and omits Brady when the stats say otherwise. Stats say Brady, Peterson, Manning, Rodgers.
Heard it said that Brady only cares about improving himself and those around him for the next play in the hope of winning another ring and the rest will take care of itself, while Manning is concerned with his place in NFL history. I hope this is not true, but I doubt we will ever know for sure since the media has his back.


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