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J.P. Howell next on Nats' reliever wish list


10:20 AM ET 12.29 | J.P. Howell remains the Natonals' top choice as a late-inning southpaw, and he's still on the market. There is very little else out there behind Howell, however. Here are the left-handed relievers still available, according to MLBTradeRumors, with ages in parenthesis: Howell (28), Pedro Feliciano (35), Rich Hill (32), Will Ohman (35), Manny Parra (30), Rafael Perez (31), and J.C. Romero (37). The Nationals don't necessarily need to add another lefty out of the bullpen; they have Zach Duke as their left-handed long-reliever and Bill Bray is on board after signing a minor league deal.

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J.P. Howell, Alex Trautwig/Getty Images J.P. Howell, Alex Trautwig/Getty Images
December 29, 2012  10:47 AM ET

[i]Wishing You Were There, Bro?[i/]

December 29, 2012  11:07 AM ET

i always envision to see arte moreno to built a franchise with 50% lefties, between pitchers and hitters, the team and the roster would look awesome plus their chemistry should had been more balanced both ways, then again for teams its just too difficult to acomplish every goal,,,

December 29, 2012  11:11 AM ET

either Rafael perez, or J,P, Howell would fit perfectly in the angels bullpen pitching its always needed in the majors but if the extra pitching its lefties is more advantage for that specify team,,,

December 29, 2012  11:14 AM ET

angels were a tough team back in 1995 when they franchise had many lefties in their rotation, plus their lineup had more lefties than right hand hitters, when you do have many lefties there is a better option to upgrade your tactics in both ends,,,

December 29, 2012  11:28 AM ET

any team and franchis should change on their approach in their roster, more lefties more chances to win many games, bullpen full of lefties would be a plus in either team,,,

December 29, 2012  11:29 AM ET

the red sox were built with alot lefties back in the 98,,

December 29, 2012  11:30 AM ET

last year the nationals were tough in the lefty reportory,,

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December 29, 2012  12:37 PM ET

there is very little left arms available, and the ones that are there have very little to offer to any team,,

December 29, 2012  12:39 PM ET

Howell would do well to land in DC. Good young team with a bright future.This guy was very good in Tampa a couple of years ago. Should be recovered from surgery now and ready to go. I would rather have him, if healthy, than most of these LH chumps that teams roll out.

it would help be a part of the nationals bullpen, at the same time he should be able to help and offer any advice to the young relievers though,,,

December 29, 2012  01:10 PM ET

the mistery team WHO likely sign some of this lefties free agents???? the rangers, the rays/the nationals/the white sox/the marlins,,,

December 29, 2012  01:13 PM ET

there is a word the rangers are willing to trade Andrus /profar/Olt/ for Justin upton/ Kubel/ and a top prospect from the d'backs, should this deal become a real deal???

December 29, 2012  01:14 PM ET

the red sox remain confident in trading ellsbury for derek holland from texas,, ofcourse only if the rangers meet the boston demands,,

December 29, 2012  02:21 PM ET

TB needs RBI man in Morse and the Nats would like Howell in their pen.

December 29, 2012  07:06 PM ET

except that rays wouldn't pay a big contract for morse, should morse be traded to the red sox??

December 29, 2012  07:09 PM ET

TB needs RBI man in Morse and the Nats would like Howell in their pen.

the rays should trade for a guy like either mark trumbo or for Justin upton, except Justin conract its a little stiff than trumbo's. trumbo would cost them only the minimum, and Justin upton been signed for 3 years 36 millions deal,,,

December 29, 2012  07:10 PM ET

Laroche refuse to play any place but in washington, should the nationals trade morse and sign Laroche??

December 29, 2012  07:19 PM ET

should the nationals sign BOURN?? and sign laroche and trade MORSE away??
the nationals would benefit either way though,,,

December 29, 2012  07:21 PM ET

the yankees aren't going to sign any big free agent to a long term, the most the rangers are willing to give in terms of contract its one solo year and for a very little cash,,,

December 29, 2012  07:22 PM ET

the mariners should throw in any fishline,,who knows they may hit the right spot with this players LARCHE/MORSE/BOURN/LOHSE/RAFAEL SORIANO??


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