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Why Marlins owner loves Logan Morrison


08:24 AM ET 12.30 | We hear owner Jeffrey Loria called Logan Morrison not only to say he's still a big part of the Marlins' future, but also to tell him it wasn't lost on Loria how maturely Morrison handled the offseason upheaval. Unlike Giancarlo Stanton and Ricky Nolasco, Morrison didn't voice displeasure on Twitter about Ozzie Guillen's firing or the payroll dumping, and that pleased Loria.

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Logan Morrison, Sarah Glenn/Getty Images Logan Morrison, Sarah Glenn/Getty Images
December 30, 2012  08:39 AM ET

We are essentially one year removed from Loria sending Morrison back to the minors for his negative Twitter comments about the Marlins.

Now Loria loves him for being a good soldier.

Loria and the Marlins are a fn joke.

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December 30, 2012  11:06 AM ET

Probably Loria look at Logan's contract and seem he was not getting the big bucks.

December 30, 2012  06:54 PM ET

loria its a crazy and ridiculos owner, should the major league evited him long ago?? not because he never won any championships but because he does missrespect the whole league,,,

December 30, 2012  06:57 PM ET

logan morrison would have a open spot on any other team WHO should have more credibility in their own goals and promises, you can't trust a owner WHO lies like a rat even to his ownself,,,

December 30, 2012  06:59 PM ET

there are too many people in this world WHO in order to have a spot in any top place on any team they are likely to sell their mother to the slavery, but for how long loria should continue to mock the sports in baseball??

December 30, 2012  07:46 PM ET

morrison logan nolasco and giancarlo stanton should be a complete set of players sended to the rangers for derek holland/profar and Olt, plus another 4 prospects from the rangers should be included, this trade would benefit both teams the price its a bit stiff for rangers but they do have enough players in retuen and aside of that,,the team would be secure for a long time in the outfield!!!

December 30, 2012  08:58 PM ET

Morrison probably wishes he could be part of some other team's future instead.

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December 30, 2012  11:53 PM ET

Translation: Loria is the worst **** owner in sports. The son of a **** is a **** liar, a cheat, and a baby raping ****. The **** does not deserve to even be allowed to attend a major league baseball game, much less be the owner of a team, even a team as **** as the Marlins.

And TWO championships, son

December 31, 2012  12:07 AM ET

And TWO championships, son

One with Loria, one with Huizenga.

December 31, 2012  06:58 AM ET

One with Loria, one with Huizenga.

Loria didn't build that team either. It was already in place and he wasted no time blowing it up after the championship.

Nipsey needs to realize that the only way Loria wins another championship is by buying another team after selling this one. He's every bit as big a disgrace as McCourt. Loria's wife just hasn't started banging her body guard to bring it all down.


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