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Antawn Jamison unhappy with Lakers DNPs


10:17 AM ET 12.30 | Pau Gasol has grumbled about getting more touches, Kobe Bryant exploded at a practice, Dwight Howard had words with Bryant and Steve Nash at different games, and Coach Mike D'Antoni had a confrontation with a Times reporter. So why not add Antawn Jamison to the column of agitated Lakers? Jamison had seen just about everything in his NBA career but "not this," he said in a quiet moment Friday night after sitting out a fifth consecutive game via the dreaded DNP-Coach's Decision. "Fifteen years," the Lakers forward told The Times, recapping his career. "My only thing is let me know why. I don't think you go from starting and 30-something minutes to not in the rotation whatsoever. And not explaining to me what exactly happened, that's the toughest thing. There's nothing you can do but be positive and support your teammates. The only reason I came here was they said I was going to play and to win a championship."

Los Angeles Times

Antawn Jamison, Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Antawn Jamison, Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
December 30, 2012  10:25 AM ET

Try To Stay Positive, Bro.

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December 30, 2012  10:38 AM ET

This is going to kill his HOF prospects.

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December 30, 2012  10:47 AM ET

As the world turns in Laker land

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December 30, 2012  10:51 AM ET

His frustration is understandable. He was expected to provide some scoring to the second unit. It's especially strange because Jamison's game seems like it would mesh well with what D'Antoni likes to do on offense.

December 30, 2012  10:53 AM ET

LA has too many talented players and with Mike playing a shorter rotation, someone is bound to be unhappy. That's just how Mike's system works, he doesn't play more than 7-8 players.

But I do have an issue with 'Tawn complaining. When pau was out, he got all the minutes, therefore it is logical to understand when Pau returns, you won't get those minutes. Lakers are a older team and someone is BOUND to be hurt sooner or later, so he just needs to be ready.
Come 2013, I'm sensing the lakers to make a hard push. Kobe isn't gonna let them stay around .500

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December 30, 2012  10:58 AM ET

Don't worry once Nash comes back everything will be better! Oh wait he is back. Never mind.

LOL, come on Bro, you are better than that!!! The Lakers are better with Nash in the line-up!!

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December 30, 2012  11:01 AM ET

I don't know why Coach D'Antoni doesn't use this guy. He has proven he can score in this league. He can contribute coming off the bench. Management has to do something about this. If he's not on coach plans they should trade him and get some value out of him.

December 30, 2012  11:02 AM ET

No, Onion...wrong mantra.Try one of these:"The Heat started ot 10-8......""The 2003 team started out slow and still made the Finals. This is a better team."Or, my personal favorite:" Everything will look different once the Lakers reel off a few 10-12 game winning streaks."

Last 10 games.
Raptors 7-3
Lakers 6-4

Go Mighty Raptors!

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December 30, 2012  11:02 AM ET

It's lovely in

It is lovely in Lakerland!!!! Until the Clippers win "ANYTHING" of importance,, then Los Angeles will be Laker's land, period!!!!! :-)

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December 30, 2012  11:03 AM ET

" Everything will look different once the Lakers reel off a few 10-12 game winning streaks."

yup- multiple 10 game winning streaks are to be assumed ,lol

I do not feel bad for Jamison because he is perhaps the worst defensive player in the league besides Nash- but at the same time he took a pay cut to go there on the premise that he would get playing time and be on a team competing for the championship-

neither has come true

December 30, 2012  11:04 AM ET

Last 10 games.Raptors 7-3Lakers 6-4Go Mighty Raptors!

LMFAO!!!!! The Raptors will be very lucky to even make the playoffs!!!


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