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Royce, Rockets drama hits another hurdle


08:10 AM ET 12.31 | So much for the beginning of Royce White's NBA career. [On Sunday, the gulf between White and the Rockets] seemed as large as ever, with the impasse that has kept them apart as intractable. The Rockets had assigned White to the NBA Development League affiliate on Saturday, a move they considered to be the second step in a plan to add him to the team. White, however, on Sunday refused the assignment, charging in a statement that the Rockets' decisions would be "unsafe" because of his anxiety disorder. "I have chosen to not play, because the doctors and I believe it to be unsafe for unqualified Rockets front office personnel to make medical decisions, as they are not mental health professionals," White said in a statement on Sunday.

Houston Chronicle

Kevin McHale, Icon Sports Kevin McHale, Icon Sports
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December 31, 2012  08:36 AM ET

I understand that he needs help. However, NBA is a business, the Rockets should get rid of him asap, so that they can use the roster spot to get someone else to make their playoff push

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December 31, 2012  09:30 AM ET

Imagine having to deal with this moron on a day-to-day basis. Response to everything you do is "because the doctors and I believe..." Mental Help? He's been pulling this BS since High School.

December 31, 2012  09:34 AM ET

This kid is a clown... he knew that he would have issues with flying and put himself in the draft to screw some NBA team over... now that he has his contract he expects the league to accommodate him... What a clown... I feel for him about his whole disorder and all but you can't honestly believe he didn't have this planned from the beginning... screwing the system for a quick mil then moving on with his life...

December 31, 2012  09:35 AM ET

Cut him now and move on.

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December 31, 2012  10:21 AM ET

He wants to be treated like a small child.

December 31, 2012  10:37 AM ET

Welfare Mommas Have Nothing On You, Bro.

December 31, 2012  10:47 AM ET

Interesting Dilemma...

Conventional Wisdom says Cut him - if the dude can't go the extra mile and get from one place to another, he's never gonna make it in the NBA.

{ How did he get from Point A to Point B in college???}

However, the Rockets & NBA have an issue of looking like they don't care about people / players with Mental issues.

They'll cut him, he'll sue them (for the half billion he would have made in his career :-) and they'll settle for substantially less.

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December 31, 2012  10:54 AM ET

Somehow I see this lazy punk trying to sue the League and Rockets for some lame disability claim. The sad part is He will probably win .

December 31, 2012  10:58 AM ET

Having read most of the postings that Royce has put out, I get this feeling that there is more going on than anxiety issues . I realize that he has mental health issues and the Rockets were aware of these when they drafted him , but this is a business and they can not be responsible for all his health care . Maybe Royce should ask to be released from his contract and go home and work on his health . But I get this feeling that he wants his $ , does not want to play in the Developmental League but wants to the Rockets to be happy with this situation because he has "anxiety issues"
I cannot see this ending happily as he is a rookie and has not played and there are a ton of players looking for jobs , that may be less talented but do not come with so much baggage

December 31, 2012  10:59 AM ET

Can you be considered a "bust" if you have never even played?

Fredric Weis (1999 Draft)...

Excellent Question though.

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December 31, 2012  11:24 AM ET

College teams take Greyhound!!!

Unless I'm mistaken... The Rockets offered him a Bus (and it was alot nicer than a Greyhound).

December 31, 2012  12:18 PM ET
QUOTE(#8): know this how?

He's from the Twin Cities. White pleaded guilty to theft and disorderly conduct after being suspended for the 2009???10 NCAA Division I men's basketball season in October 2009 for an incident at the Mall of America. Blame that on Anxiety?

December 31, 2012  12:26 PM ET

if you check his twitter it is quite irritating. his stance in regards to playing is also irritating. what a lame reason not to join the D LEAGUE. the rockets are catering to this guy. he simply wants what he wants when he wants and will use his "platform" and the mental illness banner to advance his cause. it is upsetting when people use serious matters for selfish reasons.


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