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Bills execs in Arizona to interview Whisenhunt


08:02 AM ET 01.02 | A day removed from seven unlucky coaches being fired, the coaching carousel began to spin quickly. Buffalo Bills execs were in Arizona Tuesday night to interview Ken Whisenhunt, according to league sources, and to interview Cardinals coordinator Ray Horton on Wednesday. The Bills are also among a number of teams hoping to meet with Oregon coach Chip Kelly following the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona on Thursday. The Bills are very high on Whisenhunt and a contingent of staff including team president Russ Brandon, GM Buddy Nix (who will be transitioned out this offseason) and GM-in-waiting Doug Whaley will be meeting with the candidates. There is a growing sense Kelly may wait in school, but league sources said execs from the Browns and Eagles are also lining up.

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Ken Whisenhunt, Getty Images Ken Whisenhunt, Getty Images
January 2, 2013  08:14 AM ET

Some Guys Nightmare is sombody else's Dream!!!!!!

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January 2, 2013  08:45 AM ET

Bill ought to just hire a local NY High school football coach as it don't matter who gets hired in Buffalo

You know people said something along those lines when the Pats hired Pete Carroll in 96 or 7, because after all if they couldn't win with the big tuna they couldn't win with anybody. Things can always change in the NFL

January 2, 2013  09:24 AM ET

Instead of pink slipping these head coaches why don't teams just trade them? "I'll take your Lovie for my Romeo."

January 2, 2013  09:31 AM ET

....and so begins the retread cycle of coaches.

January 2, 2013  09:50 AM ET

I hate recycled coaches, give some one new a shot.

January 2, 2013  11:52 AM ET

I hate recycled coaches, give some one new a shot.

Musical chairs, anyone?

January 2, 2013  12:43 PM ET

I hate recycled coaches, give some one new a shot.

Teams do give new coaches a shot. Sooner or later they too will end up being retreads. Just like some retreads will end up winning Super Bowls. There's a lot of money riding on who you hire: you can't afford to be too much of a gambler.

January 2, 2013  02:02 PM ET

Some Guys Nightmare is sombody else's Dream!!!!!!

I agree a mundo. Go figure.

January 2, 2013  02:15 PM ET

BB was a recycled head coach......trying to catch lightening in a bottle

January 2, 2013  02:29 PM ET

I agree with a lot of posts, lets get someone who is new but inventive. Take Shaw with Stanford. Shocked his name isn't mentioned but he is young, black and has time. Probably is turning down offers to interview to hone his skills a little more. He will be a head coach somewhere for sure.

January 2, 2013  03:31 PM ET

Norv! Hurry up before this one goes...

January 2, 2013  03:58 PM ET

Norv! Hurry up before this one goes...

Norv Turner was OC for The Dallas Cowboys in 1992 & 1993, they won 2 Super Bowls, since then not much has happened on the Football Field, I don't think that in over 19 years he got stupid, but I also don't think he learned anything, after next season it will be 20 Years of not winning, anyone who hires him as a head coach, should expect mediocrity at best!!


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