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Van Gundy: Wall not good enough to build around


08:11 AM ET 01.03 | Conventional wisdom would hold that the Wizards have drafted three top-six players -- John Wall, Jan Vesely and Bradley Beal -- to anchor a rebuilding process, at least one of whom could be a franchise cornerstone. Stan Van Gundy would not agree. The former NBA coach and current NBA analyst was on ESPN 980's The Sports Reporters last week, and was asked if the Wizards have the talent in place to improve. "You know, I don't see it, to be honest," Van Gundy said. "I'd love to tell you you're two years away; I really don't [see it]. That roster doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I know they'll be better when John Wall comes back. He's certainly got talent, but I don't know that even John Wall is a great player to build your franchise around."

The Washington Post

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January 3, 2013  08:40 AM ET

Stan speaks the truth.

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January 3, 2013  08:55 AM ET

If he develops his jump shot and cut down his turnovers he will be an elite PG for a long time. If he wants a example of what a reliable jump shot can do to an explosive player like him he has to take a look at DRose. Not a great jump shooter until he worked on it, and everybody knows what happened next: NBA MVP. I'm not saying he will be an MVP any time soon but that will make a bigger treat on the floor especially since he's playing the premier position in basketball right now.

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January 3, 2013  09:28 AM ET

Wall Crumblin' Down, Bro?

January 3, 2013  09:47 AM ET

Svg is right. Wall can't lead a team. This guy was put on a pedestal where he doesn't belong and now the expectation is too high. If he can lead the team and make his teAmmates better then he has to start showing it. 2 years and he hasn't done any of that yet.

Yes.. he's not a franchise player or leader but he's a solid building block. You look at Melo who's always been a top notch scorer but never a leader but now that he's surrounded by real leaders we're seeing his value peak. Wall is young. There's still a chance he'll morph into something great or oblivion due to injuries. He's definitely better than average at his position.

January 3, 2013  09:59 AM ET

WOW!!! people are so clueless...

January 3, 2013  10:12 AM ET

the dude pretty much just made it to the nba..not to mention the dysfunctional wizards organization. anyone that is ALREADY jumping to conclusions is crazy. SVG is trying to position himself for a bigger tv gig. that's all

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January 3, 2013  11:15 AM ET

Just weird that they're all Calipari products. They're all fragile. Don't forget Brandon Knight and DRose.


January 3, 2013  11:17 AM ET

The difference is that he is a PG. you can't compAre him to Melo because what Melo does is score. Wall's job is to be a PG first and a scorer second.

Playing the point guard position does not make him a point guard. There's only like 3 real point guards in the league... every other team is making do so you can't knock him. Even the greatest of the point guards need time to figure it all out... he's still a kid. Let's not pass judgement like he fell off a motor bike...

January 3, 2013  11:40 AM ET

Like SVG or not, he has always been a very honest guy. SVG speaks the truth here about Wall, Wall is a 2nd tier player at best. A constant underachiever. Wall has a ton of talent and could be great, but he lacks the desire and work ethic and never improves. Can anyone who is a fan of Wall honestly say he has improved in the time he's been in the NBA? You never want a star who's comfortable with the status quo and doesn't want to push themselves to the limit. It creates a country club/F it attitude that resonates with the entire club.

January 3, 2013  12:38 PM ET

Best thing for Wall would be to get out of Washington -- franchise has major issues.

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January 3, 2013  01:43 PM ET

I don't know.....if you are a pg, you need to either have a brain or a clueAnd wall doesn't seem to have either

He's a scorer with great speed. He sorta reminds me of young Wade and Eric Gordon without the strength. He needs to bulk up to play the shooting guard position - something OKC will have to do Westbrook as well if they want to get over the hump. If he continues to carry on the point guard dreams his career will go back and forth like it's been.


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