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Is J.R. Smith taking a shot at Nuggets on Twitter?


02:04 PM ET 01.03 | Every year at the NFL Rookie Symposium, former head coach and current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards addresses the crowd on various topics. One of those for the past few years has been about the use of social media- especially Twitter. As the majority of you reading this know, Twitter is the most used social network by athletes and it can be a good thing as they are able to connect with fans. But as Edwards famously says, "Think before you hit send." J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks, formerly of the Denver Nuggets, received a tweet from a fan which he retweeted to his 209,000 followers that said: @T_Humphrey34: @TheRealJRSmith Crazy how different things can be when you play for a coach, team, and city who believes in you and has your back.." Okay so it wasn't THAT bad, but it still raised eyebrows. Smith also took to his Instagram account (teamswish) to upload a picture of himself in a Nuggets jersey and Knicks jersey. In the picture, Smith posted the caption, "#2DifferentPeople, #InTheSamePerson."

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J.R. Smith, Getty Images/ Elsa/Staff J.R. Smith, Getty Images/ Elsa/Staff
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January 4, 2013  12:08 AM ET

This is a nothing story. JR is a man and entitled to express himself as he sees fit.

I'm sure JGB will be excited about it!!!

January 4, 2013  01:24 AM ET

Smith posted the caption, "#2DifferentPeople, #InTheSamePerson.

each day that he wakes up he doesn't know who he is.

January 4, 2013  03:57 AM ET

This is a nothing story. JR is a man and entitled to express himself as he sees fit.

I have to actually give JR Smith a lot of credit too...

he has played extremely well this season.

-his shooting percentage is not great- only 42%- but really not terrible either

BUT- i really think Jr Smith has grown up for the most part...I think he is in his prime, and gets what the league is about and really wants to win. He has always been a very talented scorer, but I think he is trying on both ends of the court this year.

he is basically averaging 17, 5 and 3....pretty darn good for a guy making 3 million a year. I am beginning to think that he can be added to the list of Knicks that are above average NBA players- to Melo (who I have as 4th right now behind LBJ, CP3, KD), Chandler, and (begrudgingly) Amare, --- Jr Smith and Felton as your 4th and 5th best players is much better then expected at the beginning of the year when Felton was coming off a terrible season, and JR Smith never seemed like he would get it...

can you win if Melo is your best player (if he continues his maturation he has shown this year- that is a clear YES), Chandler as your 2nd best player (hmm...not ideal since he is a 1 way player, but ill say YES, Olympian, DPOY, champion, and while he is not good at offense he is at least very efficient), Amare as your 3rd best player , and Felton and Jr Smith as your 4th and 5th....hmm...

tons of question marks, but in the end, it MIGHT be POSSIBLE, even if it is improbable for them to get to the ECF and give Miami something other then a 4 or 5 game series....

you just need 5-6 good players, and at the beginning of the year- Melo was seen as selfish and only an offensive player, Chandler as injury prone but a great defender, Amare as a physical wreck, and STRICTLY an offensive player...Felton as fat, and Jr Smtih as a head case

all those guys have improved in some way or another

January 4, 2013  05:06 AM ET

...Uh, did you really decide to conveniently leave out his next tweet?!

"I thank the FANS an the OWNER in Denver they both stuck by me threw everything! As well as my TEAMMATES! Thank you all! #THATISALL"

January 4, 2013  08:46 AM ET

Man I don't care.. HE GETS HIS JOB DONE. so long as he takes and makes those crazy shots along with the occasional dazzling dunks he's all good in my books. Nobody's perfect.


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