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Adrian Peterson aiming for 2,500 yards in 2013


06:26 PM ET 01.05 | Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson fell just nine yards short of breaking the NFL's all-time single-season rushing record that was set by Eric Dickerson. As you would expect, coming so close only to fall short of such a historical milestone left Peterson disappointed. "It was a terrible feeling," Peterson said. "I kind of figured I didn't break the record. I kind of assumed maybe I was 30-40 away from it. When I heard nine, my heart just sunk into my stomach. (There were) 5-6-7 plays I was impatient or made the wrong read. I could have blew it out the water." Peterson still has some football left to play this postseason, but that hasn't stopped him from looking ahead to 2013 and setting a goal for his production. "I want to try to set the ball higher than that," Peterson said. "I want to make it the 2,500 club. It's definitely out there. I feel like it's definitely attainable." Peterson closed his interview on NFL Network with Marshall Faulk by delivering this message to Dickerson: "Enjoy this last year because the record's going down, with ease." If Peterson is focused, there is nothing to slow him down. A motivated Peterson defied all odds when he returned to the football field less than one year after major surgery to repair his injured knee. Peterson has outplayed any expectations and he has done so while putting together a MVP caliber season.

Adrian Peterson, Andy Clayton King/Getty Images Adrian Peterson, Andy Clayton King/Getty Images
January 6, 2013  05:15 PM ET

Having a goal is good, especially in football. ;)

January 6, 2013  05:51 PM ET

AllDay...i am a believer...can't wait to see it. imagine if you had a respectable QB...

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January 6, 2013  06:09 PM ET

Hey another AP thread.

January 6, 2013  06:16 PM ET

Y Knot? Shoot for 3K

January 6, 2013  07:20 PM ET

Good luck to you Allday.

January 6, 2013  07:22 PM ET

Forget the numbers.........

Just stay healthy my friend.....

January 6, 2013  07:24 PM ET

It's good to see you back and already ready to go!!! He's my MVP!

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January 6, 2013  08:08 PM ET

He is a true freak of nature, a total blast to watch. He will go down in history as one of the best of all time.

January 6, 2013  08:32 PM ET

AllDay...i am a believer...can't wait to see it. imagine if you had a respectable QB...

With a respectable qb he wouldn't get the carries to get close.

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January 6, 2013  10:04 PM ET

He should buy rookie tackle Kalil a new car, a new house, and anew yacht. Without the holes opened for him he would be looking at 900 yards and more knee surgery.

January 7, 2013  04:34 PM ET

I bet the dude doesn't hit 1500.

I hope he gets hit ... and hit ... and hit ... and hit ... and hit ... and hit ...


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