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Is Scott Boras facing free-agent Waterloo?


11:23 AM ET 01.06 | With the free-agent market dwindling down to a precious few participants, it has become an annual January ritual for baseball pundits to begin asking the question: Is this the winter Scott Boras, like Napoleon, finally meets his Waterloo? Once again, the Avenging Agent has seemingly overplayed his hand with his high-profile free-agent clients, in this case 30-year-old leadoff man Michael Bourn (whom he started out seeking a seven-year deal at $17 million-$18 million per), 34-year-old righty Kyle Lohse (for whom he reportedly sought a five-year deal in the $80 million range) and 33-year-old closer Rafael Soriano, who rejected a guaranteed $14.8 million from the Yankees in qualifying offer and buyout money for next year, in order to supposedly secure a four-year deal worth nearly four times as much. But unlike previous winters, when Boras was able to turn from Napoleon at Waterloo into Houdini at the eleventh hour by plucking a market-breaking offer out of his hat from the proverbial "one dumb owner" -- as he did last year when the Detroit Tigers' Mike Ilitch, one of his favorite patsies, bailed him out on Prince Fielder by bidding against himself for the rotund and immobile 28-year-old DH/first baseman, the last big-ticket free agent standing, with a nine-year, $214 million contract on Jan.26 -- this year a number of factors are working against him.

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Scott Boras, Jim McIsaac/Getty Images Scott Boras, Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
January 6, 2013  11:40 AM ET

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Boras!!!

January 6, 2013  11:50 AM ET

the problem with BORAS,, he promise big contracts and long term deals, rafael soriano could ended without a job this 2013 season, KILE LOHSE has run out of patient as well,

January 6, 2013  11:51 AM ET

Is Scott Boras facing free-agent Waterloo?

God - I hope so!

January 6, 2013  11:53 AM ET

Is Scott Boras facing free-agent Waterloo? God - I hope so!


January 6, 2013  11:53 AM ET

BORAS clients,,,??BOURN/RAFAEL SORIANO/KYLE LOHSE/ and maybe a few more free agents belong to BORAS,this agent tends to ask for too much money to be put down on the table, teams aren't biddin for those tricky cheap talks,,,

January 6, 2013  11:57 AM ET

the posibilities for boraas in getting all 3 players signed for a long term contract???000000-0,
soriano likely be sorry he walk away from yankees comodity contract for one more year,,

January 6, 2013  11:58 AM ET

These players who have him as a agent needs to realize that these GM's are no longer going to be intimidated by Boras anymore and these outrageous long term and overpaid contracts will not be tolerated.

January 6, 2013  12:05 PM ET

The big difference this year for Boras is his clients . This year its Michael Bourn, Kyle Lohse and Rafael Soriano. Make them players with some upside like Ellsbury, Strasburg and Kimbrel and see what he could do.

January 6, 2013  12:23 PM ET

as long the teams where boras clients are playing been offered a 13.3 millions then any team WHO do sign those players HAVE to give up their first draft pick,,, and boras may bite his own hand at the end,,,

January 6, 2013  12:25 PM ET

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Boras!!!

That is a pity party of one.

January 6, 2013  12:25 PM ET

it looks like boras has hit the wall now days,, with his clients and with the GM'S though,,

January 6, 2013  01:36 PM ET

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Boras!!!

I'll push the sarcasm button for your own good.

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January 6, 2013  03:45 PM ET

That is a pity party of one.


January 6, 2013  03:59 PM ET

I'd classify it as a free-agent Antietam.

January 6, 2013  05:50 PM ET

Boras Plans Had Failed To His Own Convictions, He Thought to have the Bull by The Horns But Oh oh, things are looking very ugly at this level,,,,

January 6, 2013  05:53 PM ET

Bourn looks like a fit in Seattle, Lohse will end up in KC or Minnesota, and Soriano will sign with Detroit.Or, at least, those are bold predictions. Who knows if I'm right or not...

Bourn/Lohse/Soriano/ all 3 players would look good on any of those teams, the question is,,any of those teams are willing to give up top draft picks??? most likely no team its willing to pay that high price,,,


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