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Doc irked by Ferry tape relay


07:56 AM ET 01.11 | Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn't much care for Hawks general manager Danny Ferry giving officials a DVD that helped get Rajon Rondo suspended. "Well, I do (have a problem with it)," Rivers said to Boston radio station WEEI Thursday morning on his weekly interview. "Guys do that. I rarely do that. I don't know if I've ever done that." ... The station then asked Rivers if he was satisfied that Ferry was fined. "You know, I don't care," Rivers said. "I really don't. It didn't bother me one way or the other. I just didn't like it, especially in a game like that. That wasn't the reason they lost, you know? So to me that is sour grapes, and I don't like that." Ferry declined to comment on Rivers' interview.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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January 11, 2013  09:09 AM ET

if it was a real problem the ref should have t'd him up then and there
if the ref didn't take issue with it then it's a non issue

January 11, 2013  10:08 AM ET

Revenge Is A Dish Served Best Cold, Bro.

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January 11, 2013  10:50 AM ET

RR is a diva. Ferry showed a tape of "Bad officiating" that happened to include RR's idiocy, but not JUST that. The article is TOTALLY misleading. It's not as-if Ferry wanted to or cared to get RR punished. He wanted to point out poor/inconsistent reffing.
Doc - don't lose my respect, PLEASE.

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January 11, 2013  12:36 PM ET

Exactly. Doc just complains in the press too much rather than dealing with the real problems on his team.

Doc Rivers is a players coach and regardless of if it sounds like complaining to the press or not he is just defending his players. I'd rather that than a coach who decides to help pose some sarcastic twitter picture between 2 "fighting" teammates....

ALSO Rondo wasn't suspended for the bump but for hanging up when the NBA office tried to ask him about it, thus preventing their "investigation".

January 11, 2013  01:32 PM ET

Hey Celtics Nation !!!! Danny Ferry is a snitch hopefully J.Smith wont want to play for a snitch GM especially since Rondo is his freinds ..... always an opening in Boston for you Mr. Smith

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January 11, 2013  02:49 PM ET

Why is he mad? He needs to control his players more than complain about another team. KG and Rondo has been bad lately w/ the way they've represented the league. Bumping an official was stupid and he has been suspended before for the same crime.


January 11, 2013  02:50 PM ET

we'll take Doc Rivers over any other coach accept Pop. In April of '12. SI.Com conducted a poll in which Dpc was the most highly coveted Coach of the NBA. A high percentage of players want to play for the Boston Celtics coach.... Objectivity folks, we're looking for objectivity.... Not low monotone warbled regurgitated stale comments that have no baring on what's being stated....

Chitown coach should be highly ranked too

January 11, 2013  02:52 PM ET

The league often reviews film the next day and corrects mistakes and oversights. Teams also send things into the league for review. This was nothing new that Ferry did.

Ferry stuck his nose on something that wouldnt have xhanged that they loss. I could see if he was protecting one ofhus players that were bumped or whatnot but to turn in a tape in regards to tge ref is ridiculous

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