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Brian Kelly must rebuild reputation among Notre Dame colleagues


10:32 AM ET 01.13 | One of the texts Friday came from a Notre Dame colleague of coach Brian Kelly. "What the (heck) is he thinking? Thought he knew this place better,'' it read. Another message from a longtime athletic administrator with experience hiring and firing BCS-level coaches summed up the sentiments many felt about Kelly's flirtation with the Eagles three days after calling Notre Dame his dream job and saying that leaving "wasn't an option.'' "He fumbled this one badly,'' the administrator wrote of Kelly. "Being disingenuous at Notre Dame doesn't work.'' Indeed, disingenuous was a word that came up often the past week describing Kelly and his contradictions. I also heard longtime Notre Dame employees use other words that would draw them 10 Hail Marys in a confessional. Kelly ended the suspense Saturday night by making the smart decision to stay at Notre Dame ??? but he might return to a very different campus atmosphere. There is reputation damage to control and trust to repair, and not just on the recruiting trail. More than just fans and media feel confused about why Kelly would consider leaving at all, let alone handle it as clumsily as he did. Kelly alienated much of the fan base he aroused with a 12-1 season. To many good people on and off Kelly's campus, this felt less like a man trying to get ahead professionally and more like a personal betrayal.

Chicago Tribune

Brian Kelly, Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Brian Kelly, Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
January 13, 2013  10:40 AM ET

ND knew what kind of man Kelly was when they hired him off an undefeated team right before a bowl game. This is not a man of character. No surprise.

January 13, 2013  10:44 AM ET

Must not have got $$$$ he asked for. I think he said the samethings just before he left for ND.

January 13, 2013  10:49 AM ET

Most all "good" college football coaches flirt with an offer from the NFL. It's been that way for years and it will continue for many more years to come!!!

January 13, 2013  10:57 AM ET

ND knew what kind of man Kelly was when they hired him off an undefeated team right before a bowl game. This is not a man of character. No surprise.

Agreed. ND and their fans should not be surprised one bit. Kelly feels since he got the school in a position for a huge payday that he should get a raise.

January 13, 2013  11:03 AM ET

Interesting is that there is no record that ND offered Kelly a raise or anything to keep him. I think he just stepped into something that isn't going to come off any time soon....LOL

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January 13, 2013  11:12 AM ET

Can we infer that South Bend is not a Destination Job?

That ought to stir things up Harley!

January 13, 2013  11:12 AM ET

He's got some work to do, but winning cures all ills. If he can come back and get the kids ready for a BCS bowl next year, all will be forgiven.

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January 13, 2013  11:30 AM ET

Chicago Tribune manufacturing some drama.

January 13, 2013  11:33 AM ET

He got Sabanated! Makes losing coaches do crazy things!

January 13, 2013  11:39 AM ET

Ok, this is the attitude that makes people loathe the domers. How dare this coach even consider ANY other job, while he has this one. Arrogance at its finest. If that's their feeling, fire him and go find a coach who will never consider leaving. Obviously, that's not the coach you currently have.

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January 13, 2013  11:56 AM ET

You can't really blame the guy. What coach wouldn't want to coach at the highest level and reap the benefits that goes along with it ?

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January 13, 2013  12:08 PM ET

This x 1,000,000. nothing more.

With tweets, blogs, message boards, Facebook ... it's not hard to have your online reputation torn down these days. Even those SB Nation websites that look legit ... they're in on the act too. Opinions of the uninformed quickly turn into rants and the negative stuff gains momentum faster than ever before.

Brian Kelly, Bob Stoops, Mack Brown, Rich Rodriguez etc etc ... should take solace in the fact that most of the folks tweeting, posting, blogging, ranting etc are too young and stupid to understand or even care about facts. Most of them don't know their **** from a gin whistle.

January 13, 2013  12:10 PM ET

**** =


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