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Increasing belief that LeBron James will return to Cavs


11:00 AM ET 01.13 | Executives and agents around the league are convinced the Cavaliers won't do anything to jeopardize their ability to sign a free agent to a max contract during the summer of 2014, when LeBron James can again become a free agent. As fans in Northeast Ohio continue to howl and remain divided about the possibility of his return, more and more people around the league believe there is a strong possibility James will indeed return to Cleveland after next season.

Akron Beacon Journal

LeBron James, Victor Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images LeBron James, Victor Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images
January 13, 2013  11:11 AM ET

And Cleveland fans are dumb enough to welcome him back with open arms.

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January 13, 2013  11:30 AM ET

Who in their right mind actually thinks this will happen?

January 13, 2013  11:34 AM ET

Who in their right mind actually thinks this will happen?

No one.

January 13, 2013  11:38 AM ET

Is this from the same clowns that have been saying for two months that Saban was going to the Browns?

January 13, 2013  11:53 AM ET

why would he leave Miami

January 13, 2013  12:19 PM ET

This has been the year of LeBron James, who earned the NBA championship, the Olympic gold medal and Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year. And as his outstanding 2012 ends, one persistent rumor has taken hold.
A lot of people believe that James will be returning to Cleveland.
"It's the worst-kept secret in the league,'' one general manager said.
There are reasons to believe it, starting with Miami's untenable position as a luxury-tax payer. After next season, the Heat will be among the first teams faced with the new "repeater'' penalty that threatens them with close to $50 million in luxury taxes, in addition to their expensive payroll.

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January 13, 2013  12:21 PM ET

Ian Thomsen, one of SI's main basketball reporters said that GM's in the league have said its the "worst kept secret" that LeBron is eyeing a Cleveland return in the summer of 2014.....

this is not just conjecture - there are hard facts, real information and sources behind it

i ball park it at a 40% chance- if the Cavs young guys take a big step forward next year- and they draft another stud like Nerleans Noel or Shabazz Muahammed and they perform- it could be 50/50%

we shall see

January 13, 2013  12:24 PM ET

i just know that if they have Kyrie (who will def be at LEAST a top 15 player- if not somewhere in the top 10) by then, and some of the other multiple lottery picks develop (Tristan Thompson has been a beast lately and looks like he is "getting it") then Cleveland will be a better fit then a lot of other places out there both personally, and professionally -

when LeBron is a FA what other team will offer better young talent, a chance to make just insane headlines, a max contract, and the ability to make good in his hometown so he is not hated their after he retires?

we shall see-- from everything i have seen, read, heard- i put it at 40% the 2014-2015 season you will see LeBron in a Cavs jersey- the year after that in 2015-2016, you could see history be made if the Cavs keep the team together and add the Return of the King

January 13, 2013  12:27 PM ET

And Cleveland fans are dumb enough to welcome him back with open arms.

Onion- if he is going to grovel back to Dan Gilbert after already apologizing and admitting what he did was a dumb idea- then I will give him the benefit of the doubt

when he left- he chose between DwAde and Bosh----- and Jamison, Shaq and Mo Williams.....

so- can i really begrudge him leaving after Ferry failed so badly? - the answer is- KIND OF- but the logic is there for why he left

HOW he left is the problem- and since then he has made amends- enough so- where if he wants to come to Cleveland and try and deliver a title- then i would give him the benefit of the doubt-

i would no way buy any LeBron gear or anything like that until he delivered a title, and Kyrie would be the person Cavs fans would still cheer for the most

January 13, 2013  12:31 PM ET

The guy is from Akron, and he probably would like to be loved at home again when he goes there. He's got his ring now, and what better time to run away from expectations in Miami? I can totally see this happening.

January 13, 2013  12:31 PM ET

the people that dismiss this as just a pipe dream with a 0% chance of happening are just not paying attention though- and really do not understand fully the situation

at the VERY LEAST there is a 25% chance

at the very most i would say its about 50%

we shall see in about a year and a half------ if it does come true- god help the rest of the league

January 13, 2013  12:46 PM ET

Who in their right mind actually thinks this will happen?

You got that right

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January 13, 2013  01:07 PM ET

These poor people of Cleveland live in denial. Just forget about this guy.

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January 13, 2013  01:45 PM ET

why would he leave Miami

To make up for GOING to Miami. I think this is a clear cut great move if he made it and finished he career in Cleveland (go back to 23 too!)

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