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Drew blasts 'flat-lined' Hawks, promises change


07:55 AM ET 01.15 | Chicago found just what it needed at home Monday night: Atlanta. The Hawks scored a meager 20 first-half points, including five points in the second quarter, in an embarrassing 97-58 loss to the Bulls Monday night at the United Center. The final, first-half and second-quarter point totals were the lowest in Atlanta team history. Following the game, Hawks coach Larry Drew promised lineup changes and said his team has mentally and physically "flat-lined." ... "The disturbing thing is the effort part," Drew said. "I shouldn't have to come out and coach effort every single night. Effort is something that they should bring. They are being paid to bring effort every single night. Maybe it's the chemistry right now."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Josh Smith, Icon Sports Josh Smith, Icon Sports
January 15, 2013  08:37 AM ET

I am glad a coach has come out and finally told it how it is.
They are paid enough to know what they are doing with out a coach.
The coach is there to develop plays and run them though it, they play enough basketball to know what to do and how to win.

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January 15, 2013  08:43 AM ET

Turning Into Turkey Hawks, Bros?

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January 15, 2013  10:43 AM ET

Atlanta has a nice team but no one is a go-to scorer or can score really easily. Even when they qualify for the playoffs it's a first round exit.

January 15, 2013  12:57 PM ET

After the torrid start they can you complain after one clunker?

Nah wouldn't have complained on one loss. Lost 5 out of last 6. And it's not just the losses, but the way they are playing/reacting. Lack of interest and chemistry. But with Smith as the "go to" guy, that's not surprising at all.
I don't know what Ferry is waiting on, take the best offer on the table for him before desperation kicks in ( like ORL for Howard, ended up getting nothing of worth back)

January 15, 2013  01:05 PM ET

So much for the Hawks hot start....Pacers,Nets,Bulls and even the Celts are picking it up...looks like Atlanta will be a 7th seed at best

January 15, 2013  04:29 PM ET

After the torrid start they can you complain after one clunker?

Scoring 75 and losing by 20 is a clunker. This was a total collapse. 20 in the first half with 5 in the second quarter, finishing with 58, and losing by 39? And Chicago probably coasted in the second half. They might have won by 60 if they had tried.

January 15, 2013  08:15 PM ET

Twenty years ago, even Michael Jordan experiences an exercise in futility ??? He scores 64 points but the Bulls still lose to the Magic. Rookie Shaquille O???Neal scores 29 and grabs 24 rebounds - January 16, 1993 se-shaq-led-magic/

January 15, 2013  08:15 PM ET

Chin up Hawks fans, and former Hawks fans. 20 years ago Michael Jordan scored 64 points in a game, and the Bulls still lost! se-shaq-led-magic


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