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Notre Dame holds press conference about Manti Te'o


09:26 PM ET 01.16 | Manti Te'o is under siege after news broke that his supposed girlfriend that died on Sept. 12, 2012 wasn't actually real and that her whole existence had been a giant hoax. But while the shock of that settles in, the question has become whether or not Te'o was actively involved with the hoax or if he was the biggest victim. Notre Dame held a press conference on Wednesday night where athletic director Jack Swarbrick addressed the media, taking questions about the scandal that has gripped the football world. If you missed it, Swarbrick did very little to help Te'o out when it came to convincing the world that he was innocent in all of this. Either way, Te'o's reputation has been destroyed. Last week he was the ferocious and inspirational leader of the 2012 Notre Dame Irish, and today he's either a con-man or someone who is much less intelligent than we all thought he was. One picture is horrifying, the other evokes a feeling of pity. We didn't learn much from the Jack Swarbrick press conference other than this whole hoax might have just gotten a lot thicker than we thought it already was. For the sake a humanity, let's hope that Te'o is just a shy, simple guy who cares too much and got burned worse than we ever could have imagined. Unfortunately, the situation is so wacky, that's the best possible outcome here. Te'o is expected to tell his side of the story as soon as Thursday.


Jack Swarbrick, AP Photo/Joe Raymond Jack Swarbrick, AP Photo/Joe Raymond
January 16, 2013  11:36 PM ET

Fansided is the TMZ of sports. **** Fansided.

January 16, 2013  11:37 PM ET

Anyone that watched that press conference - well, let's just say, I do feel pity for the Notre Dame fans. Your AD is a sad joke. If he truly believed that crap he was putting out there, I just have to shake my head.

At one point he called it a casual but cruel joke. They "met" in 2009. Who the hell has that much time for 3 years? I know they didn't get "serious" until several months before her untimely "death", so they weren't "on the phone" for 8 hours for 3 years a lot of nights, but even so, that's helluva dedication for a casual joke.

What is the end game? They "met" in 2009, as I said before. ND was 6-6 that year. Who would try to affect their game play on a 6-6 team? And go to all that trouble and yet Swarbrick suggested just that.

Whenever anyone asked any fairly tough question like "T'eo talked about personally meeting her and exchanging phone numbers", Swarbrick turtled and said, "That's Manti's story and I'll let him tell it."

Manti's father mentioned her coming to Hawaii and they would spend time together there over the years. Never happened. The time lines are all screwed up, by anyone who thinks logically. Swarbrick said they all made sense.

And one of the most sickening things - who was the first who said that "T'eo's voice made her breath quicken when she was in a coma" implying that the sound of his voice made her health better.

And one last thing. Stanford, you're on the clock, too, if you ask me. This girl was supposed to have graduated from Stanford and no one there said, "Wait a minute. Does anyone remember ever seeing or knowing a girl named that?"

Also, are we to believe that he loved this girl so deeply that he never went to visit her as her health was getting worse? Or after a serious car accident?

January 16, 2013  11:42 PM ET

Fansided is the TMZ of sports. **** Fansided.

You can't always just dismiss these tabloid type places. National Enquirer as bad as it is, broke the John Edwards deal.

And ND and Manti both have put out statements basically admitting he was hoaxed. So, whatever happened, it did happen. We just don't know the exact details. And the people talking don't sound very competent.

I guess I should cut Swarbrick some slack. I'm sure when he started his career he never in his wildest dreams thought he would have to answer questions about his star player on the football team making up a fake girlfriend and then riding the sympathy to a lot of awrds before it blew up in his face.

As someone locally said, that has to be one of the biggest nightmare scenarios that nothing prepares you for.

January 17, 2013  01:01 AM ET

If Te'o had actually gone to USC, this would have never happened. There are real women on campus that you can talk to in person (and do more with) and you don't have to wank it to, probably a guy pretending to be a woman thousands of miles from South Bend, although I do agree, there's no woman in South Bend worth our time.

Manti is either a liar or an idiot. But we knew that when he picked Notre Dame.

Comment #5 has been removed
January 17, 2013  01:41 AM ET

I went to catholic school in california. Don't think that's comparable to Indiana.

I have been laughing my **** off watching this on ESPN all night. Jack Swarbrick looks like he's on a bender trying to get through this press conference. OMG!!! He reached for a glass of vodka in the middle of the speech trying to make Manti out to be a victim. Hey Jack, we aren't drunk. T'eo knows this was BS through the season. He told people he met this girl in person and that he didn't want to show pictures because the family wanted this to be private and the family didn't want to be contacted because they're private, except that Manti can go around making poor dead Lennay the cornerstone of Notre Dame football for 3 months to garner sympathy.

Jack, we're not Notre Dame students. We're smart enough to figure out a scam when we see one. Swarbrick should just throw Manti under the bus where he belongs, before he drags the whole school under there with them. Oh **** the BCS championship game is being replayed on ESPN Classic right now. I guess there isn't much further to fall than this, stick with it Jack.

January 17, 2013  01:47 AM ET

At this moment I'm most interested in finding out how someone finds out a made-up person you've been pretend dating on-line dies. You get a call from their made-up relative? Which means you have another fake relationship with a secondary character? I've met some jack swarbricked up chicks on line before, but I knew they were fat or ugly or a dude going in, so it's not like I was surprised or disappointed when I showed up wasted at their filthy disgusting place at 2am, but I never had one of them drop dead in a chatroom and then go to a cyber-funeral for them.

And what's up with the NFL player that says he met Lennay in person in America Samoa. Does this dolt not know that even Manti is admitting this is a fake relationship? It's nice to know that some people will try to carry on a lie no matter how pointless.

January 17, 2013  07:48 AM ET

Another hack job thread.........

January 17, 2013  09:07 AM ET

don't tell Pirate...I'm really Manti's girlfriend ;)

Comment #10 has been removed
January 17, 2013  11:08 AM ET

We're smart .......

Whoa now, remember who you really are. Stats don't lie. That SC team is dumb as a post.

January 17, 2013  11:47 AM ET

At least this thread has Sandy posts...


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