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Calderon not worried about rumors


06:49 PM ET 01.16 | Jose Calderon's name is bound to come up in the trade rumor discussion. The Toronto Raptors are involved in trade talks, and though the Rudy Gay situation appears to be only rumor, they could still deal one of their two talented point guards, the other being Kyle Lowry. Calderon is the older player, but he's in no way thinking too heavily about what the future holds. He told RealGM that he'll begin thinking about that with this summer. Until then, it's business as usual. "I don't know what???s going to happen," he said to RealGM. "I don't know if I'm going to get traded or not because of my contract situation. Let's see what happens when we finish the season. I think the summer is going to be the time to think about it, all the pros and cons, in every situation."

Real GM

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January 16, 2013  10:21 PM ET

The mightless Raptors need a shake up

January 17, 2013  01:22 AM ET

pleeease send him away. I know a lot of raps fans love him (and overrate him) but he is the picture of mediocrity. I know there are countless other factors but the raps have steadily declined since Jose replaced TJ and i have disliked him since day 1. It only gets worse every game that lowry is stuck on the bench

Jose is a good player, but he is currently being overvalued in T.O because he stepped in for Lowry right in time for the easiest portion of a schedule that i have ever seen. He's now taking minutes that need to go to Lowry if the raps are going to be competitve against the better teams. I know it was impossible to make a change before with the way things were going, but i hope these last few games are paving the way for Lowry's reinsertion into the starting lineup.

January 17, 2013  01:27 AM ET

unless of course the raps continue starting jose to increase his trade value. In that case tho, Lowry still needs to end up playing more minutes as he did tonite or this next stretch of games (10 of 14, i guess 9 of 13 now, games against playoff teams) could get ugly fast

January 17, 2013  01:30 AM ET

not to mention one of the non-playoff teams is the Lakers and D12 is going to eat their undersized front court up and that game can probably already be chalked up as a loss

January 17, 2013  10:33 AM ET

Ready To Play For A Real NBA Team, Bro.

January 17, 2013  04:06 PM ET

Ready To Play For A Real NBA Team, Bro.

worry about your own team bro


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