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Browns hire Norv Turner as offensive coordinator


03:28 PM ET 01.17 | The Cleveland Browns have named Norv Turner as their new offensive coordinator, the team announced on Thursday. Turner has spent seven seasons combined as an offensive coordinator at various stops in the league, alternating between head coaching jobs.

Cleveland Browns

Norv Turner at a press conference, Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports Norv Turner at a press conference, Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
January 17, 2013  03:53 PM ET

Norv has always been a good OC, just not a good Head Coach.

January 17, 2013  04:11 PM ET

Inevitable. But they should have kept Dick Juron.

January 17, 2013  05:44 PM ET

Norv, is going to install his Fall Asleep offense that he's been using for the past 19 Years!!

January 17, 2013  06:17 PM ET

Who the hell is Rob Chudzinski?

January 17, 2013  06:19 PM ET

Zeppo should be happy

January 17, 2013  07:18 PM ET

Zeppo should be happy

You're *freaking right* I am! Way to go, Norv!

January 17, 2013  08:48 PM ET

Well, he IS offensive ...

January 18, 2013  09:45 AM ET

Who the hell is Rob Chudzinski?

He's the guy who's gonna beat your team TWICE next year!!!!

(or he's the guy who's gonna get whooped by your team...twice next year! lol)

January 18, 2013  12:22 PM ET

Oh wonderful. One step forward, ten steps back. Norv is a good hire, but Lombardi?! Lombardi is a buffoon, ignorant, no talent four time losing hack. He has not been working for an NFL team for 5 years for a reason, HE CAN NOT EVALUATE TALENT! His latest and greatest evaluation was on the Browns, when he said we wasted a second round pick on Josh Gordon. He was the one who wanted Lane Kiffin as head coach, he was the one that was banned from Raider practices by the head coach because he publicly criticized the team that he put together, but laid ALL the blame on the HC (Art Shell). I won't even go into the draft picks made by him with his first stint with the Browns. Yeah another good job by the Browns, new owner, same stupid !@$ mistakes. We are headed nowhere with that hack kissing Banners backside!

January 18, 2013  03:43 PM ET

Da Browns are in a very tough Division, there's a good chance they send 3 Teams into The Playoffs next year, I thought they started to show that they could be in the near future competitive, but the New Owner thought otherwise and he runs the team! I think Lombardi was not a Good Hire and we will see about The coaching staff! They got some really talented young players!

January 18, 2013  07:21 PM ET

Like I've been saying everywhere I could post it...firing Tom Heckert was a big mistake. He was doing a great job. Now hiring Lombardi was even a bigger one. Looks like Haslam is going to have to make is share of mistakes before the Browns get turned around....was just hoping he understood this stuff better.


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