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Magic will be active at trade deadline


07:35 PM ET 01.17 | Without a star player and lacking the wins to deem anyone on the roster as untouchable, the Orlando Magic are perhaps the most conversational team in this season's trade talks. The Magic are speaking with everyone about everything, and they're not shying away from discussions regarding every one of their players. They have assets to move, after all. Guard J.J. Redick's $6.19 million contract and Josh McRoberts' $3.13 million deal are expiring, and young players like center Nikola Vucevic, guard E'Twaun Moore and wing Maurice Harkless could be players the franchise might move, according to Hoops World. With money from the Dwight Howard trade and the wide salary cap flexibility, Orlando general manager Rob Hennigan's ears are wide open this trade season.


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January 17, 2013  09:03 PM ET

Harrington to the Cavs for a 1st. Mr Glass needs scoring help and Casspi sucks.

CAspi does suck- and why would the Cavs want Harrington? to win an extra 3-4 games?

no point at all--- you still dont get how it works...WHO CARES if they win an extra 3-4 games? its totally worthless- all it does is hurt them in the long run...

now next year....

January 17, 2013  09:06 PM ET

Can't wait to see what Hennigan has in mind. I've said all along that which direction he will go is still a mystery to me. It's interesting that he could either sign two max free agents this summer or he could trade away assets for even more draft picks.

last thing they want to do is sign another Rashard Lewis to a max deal that does not deserve one....

who on the Fa market ACTUALLY even kind of deserves a max deal?

Howard, Paul obviously do.....

does Josh Smith? would u want Orlando to give him a max?

ginobili and bynum are either old and or injury prone....

Al Jefferson, Paul Milsap, kevin Martin, Tyreke Evans? the only one thats worth close to a max might be Jefferson

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January 17, 2013  09:14 PM ET

The Twenty Best Free LIKELY Free Agents in decent order:

1. Chris Paul
2. Dwight Howard
3. Josh Smith
4. Al Jefferson
5. Andre Iguadala
6. Montae Ellis
7. David West
8. OJ Mayo
9. Manu Ginobili
10. Paul Milsap
11. Andrew Bynum
12. Nik Pekovic
13. Tyreke Evans R
14. Brandon Jennings R
15. Kevin Martin
16. Tony Allen
17. JJ Redick
18. JJ Hickson
19. Elton Brand

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January 17, 2013  09:21 PM ET

some other notables that have either player options, team options, or are restricted so they might not be out there....i mean- i seriously doubt Ben Gordon turns down a 13M player option, lol....

some of the MORE likely lesser guys-

1. Rodney Stucky R
2. Darren Collison R
3. Mo Williams
4. Jose Calderon
5. Jarret Jack
6. Devin Harris
7. Randy Foye
8. Brandon Morrow
9. Jr Smith
10. Stephen Jackson
11. Corey Maggette
12. Chase Budinger
13. Antawn Jamison
14. Byron Mullens
15. Andray Blatche
16. Chris Kaman
17. Tiago Splitter

January 17, 2013  09:22 PM ET

the site i am looking at said Crawford is signed for a little over 5 M next year and has team options for 2 years after

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