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Big weekend for Miami recruiting


11:09 AM ET 01.19 | It's a huge recruiting weekend for Miami, which is welcoming four of its top targets for official visits, as well as six of its oral commitments. Uncommitted players scheduled to visit include defensive tackles Jaynard Bostwick and Keith Bryant, running back Alex Collins and offensive tackle Denver Kirkland. ranks Bryant as the nation's No. 17 d-tackle prospect, and Bostwick 27th. UM badly needs at least one of those two, considering it doesn't have any commitments from any defensive tackles, its biggest area of need. Bostwick, from West Centennial High in Port St. Lucie, is considering Miami, Alabama and UF and could commit if the visit goes well.

Miami Herald

Al Golden, Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images Al Golden, Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images
January 19, 2013  11:15 AM ET

In related news ... the Titanic II just set sail

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January 19, 2013  03:28 PM ET

yea, a big weekend and our OC jedd fisch bolted to the be the jags OC.. can never trust a **** gator

January 19, 2013  08:22 PM ET

Awesome, this Weekend is Big an Golden WILL get MATHEW THOMAS,GRACE on Tuesday an then RB-COLLINS since WISC.'s HC left plus THUFSU has plenty of RB's while this kid could Start Behind THE DUKE next Season & Hopefully BRYANT decides to come back over to the GOLDEN side cause he'd play next Season to.
I know alot of these guys arnt at MIAMI this Weekend but still they should come back since they'll have a Great chance to play early an ALOT.

January 19, 2013  08:26 PM ET

True SVT its SUCKS that GOLDEN Bolted for the JAG's but u cant really blame him for having the chance to become the OC of a NFL Team which hurts wth Collins an a Few other but not our Defensive Players which was the biggest need. An SOPH C.C.TE-BEAU SANDLAND already SIGNED an he should have a Great Chance to Start next Yr at TE despite Whats his Face playing well towards the end of the Yr. What does MARIO CHRISTABOL Coach since he Rejoined the CANES? Ill nver call them THEU since when that happened the Program started to take a Dive but thats more because of Lame Duck Head Coaches.

January 19, 2013  08:35 PM ET

NO MATTER what happens with this COMPLEX BS NCAA Investigation,ALMOST All Teams do Shady Stuff to Obtain Recruits,it makes u think what other SEC/ACC/PAC-12 Schools have done to Pick up some of MIAMI/FL Prospects AN DONT SAY THEY WIN. A 2 Yr Bowl Game Ban by the School an the ACC TITLE Game this Season which im still split on depending on what Sanctions are Handed Down & GOLDEN instituting a Scholi Reduction this Yr despite the Fact we had so many Young Guys play this Yr it wont hurt to much.(IT SHOULDNT B More Than a 2 or 3 GAME BOWL BAN,Loss Of 10-15 "Scholi's" for 2-3 Yrs plus Probation),though im torn since I think MIAMI shouldve played in the ACC TITLE GAME.

January 19, 2013  08:35 PM ET

All because a Rat Faced Mini Bernie Madoff didnt c any of the NFL Players come to his "Rescue" as Character Witnesses which wouldn't have helped one bit. U bilked people for almost a BILLION Bro, Nobody could've helped u except PRES.OBAMA so u played your last Card that didnt get u anything but attention u friggin Jock Sniffer as Jimmy Johnson called u.

January 20, 2013  12:47 AM ET

Are they all meeting up on Shapiro's yacht? Nev's bringing the strawberries and coke.

January 20, 2013  01:27 AM ET

What does MARIO CHRISTABOL Coach since he Rejoined the CANES?

mario is the TE coach, brennan carroll moves to WR coach

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January 20, 2013  04:08 PM ET

So how many times an howmany Players have been Arrested or Kicked of THUGFSU or FL? James Wilder Jr. 3 Arrests in 6 Monthes an missing his Court Date what a Class Act,while Florida Gator Players seem to get into Trouble in Groups. MIAMI Had 1 Kid get ARRESTED an kicked off the Team this OffSeason in CB-THOMAS FINNIE an LB-BUCHANON had some BS come up last Yr that was Dismissed but still played & is now a 3rd Rd Pick to 4th. An at least MIAMI doesnt OVERSIGN an Screw Kids over like the SEC does,Check that we did it once to get SEATRAL HENDERSON which was worth it since he was the #1 Player in the Country & is in Line for a MONSTER YR.

January 20, 2013  04:12 PM ET

An if even a Quarter of what Shapiro said is True what did GEORGIA,BAMA,LSU an FLORIDA have to do to steal playrs away? Besides if take the word of a Rat Faced Mini Bernie Madoff who stole over $900 Million from his Shareholders than your as dumb as the NCAA. 2 Yr Bowl Ban, Loss of 10 "SCHOLI's" for 2-3 Yrs & Probation. MIAMI makes to much $ for the surrounding area an creates Jobs,they'll Nvr PENN ST. them or SMU the Program.


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