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Greg Oden to sign soon, but won't play until next season


09:40 AM ET 01.20 | Greg Oden is talking comeback, and interest around the NBA is sky high. That in itself is news, considering Oden hasn't played in more than two years. But we're talking about the former No. 1 overall pick and a guy who doesn't turn 25 until later this month, not to mention a man who collected 20 rebounds in his final NBA game (Dec. 1, 2009 vs. Miami). So forget the three microfracture knee surgeries for now. Plenty of teams are lining up to take a crack at the 7-footer. The short list reportedly includes Boston, Miami, Cleveland and Dallas. Oden's agent, Mike Conley, has insisted that Oden is 100 percent and a future All-Star. Oden is currently taking classes at Ohio State, and while he's expected to sign with a team this season, it'd be for continued rehabilitation purposes only. He plans to actually play games next season. And with the way things are going, he will indeed be back in the league.

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Greg Oden, Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images Greg Oden, Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images
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January 20, 2013  10:57 AM ET

why the F would some team sign him, rehab him and then he could go elsewhere next season?how about seeing if the dude could even walk?oh, wait...his AGENT says he's he must be.I have nothing against him and hope he can come back-but after his injury history - he deserves NOTHING_ he should have to earn his way back into the league-

He is an All Star when it comes to sitting out a year. Somebody should sign him just for that!

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January 20, 2013  11:45 AM ET

It's could be a great story. Hope the Spurs pick him up.

January 20, 2013  12:04 PM ET

Any team dumb enough to give Oden a contract deserves what it gets. Big men plus knee trouble should be avoided like the plague. Look at Amare, look at Bynum, look at Oden. The man is a bust. I feel bad for him, especially when he's always compared to Kevin Durant with the Blazers foolishly picking him instead of KD, resulting in a couple of fired GMs already (ironically Rich Cho was the Assistant GM of the Sonics when they picked KD), but bottom line, he's brought nothing but pain in wasted opportunities, salary paid, and salary cap for the Blazers. Other than a great half a season, Amare has been a $100 million disappointment for the Knicks, likely a bust given the roughly $70+ million still owed to him and years more under contract counting against the Knicks' cap. And look at Bynum. Any Laker fan could have told the Sixers they were playing with fire. $16 million in the final year of his contract, not a single game played with the Sixers, the team totally tanking compared to last year, trading away Iguodala and getting back Drew warming the bench 'cause he won't give up bowling. Then they'll likely lose him to free agency in the summer, adding injury to injury. Yeah Oden, what a great prospect he'll turn out to be.

January 20, 2013  12:38 PM ET

It's could be a great story. Hope the Spurs pick him up.

Or the Suns if they can keep him healthy.

Would be great if he could return to full force and have a decent nba career. He's still young.

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January 20, 2013  01:36 PM ET

the Cavs have cap room this year and might as well use it...its not like u can save it---give him a 2 year deal...worth 4 million this year and 2 million next year.....

if it works out- you get a potentially great center for next year for 2 million dollars-

if it doesnt- all you do is tie up 2 million in cap room, and Dan G spends 6 million in his money....

I think that would be a good it said- his last game he had 20 boards- i think it would be worth a 2 million dollar risk for next year

January 20, 2013  01:38 PM ET

Did you even read the story? You're killing the unlucky guy for something he had no control. He didn't purposely injure himself and wished that he won't play for the first 3-4 years of his career. The story says he is almost ready and the teams will take a chance on him and give him at least a 2 year contract. They'll help him rehab this year and be ready by September next season. It's really up to the teams to gamble on him. Don't blame Oden for trying. Now if he was Eddy Curry or Antoine Walker than you should get mad at them because they were the ones who took advantage of the NBA and stole money from the owners.


with the world renowned cleveland clinic that worked miracles for Z it could be possible he stays healthy-

and as i said- the Cavs are like 5 million under teh cap right now- why not just give 4 of that too Oden this year and then give him like 2 million next year? y ou might as well use it, and Dan G doesnt care about the money if it means you could potentially have Oden- even if its only a 10% he is healthy

January 20, 2013  01:40 PM ET

have him wait until the trade deadline- you prob dont want to tie up your cap room until then in case something comes by where u can absorb a deal to get an asset-

but after the deadline- offer him whatever is left on this years cap....and then like 2 million for next year...

Cleveland would be low pressure- it would be a sort of homecoming since he played at Ohio State and still has tons of fans around here- and he would be joining a young team that could really use him.....

as i said- give him 2 years- 4-5 million this year...and like 2 million next year....thats more money then Boston or Miami could offer him- the situation for playing time is better- it would be a sort of homecomign, and he has the benefit of the CCF

Dallas, Boston, Miami, Cleveland.....should be interesting to see where he lands and for what kind of deal

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January 20, 2013  03:08 PM ET

Sam Bowie is working out and also doesn't plan on playing in the Assn this season. How about a contract for him?

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January 20, 2013  05:07 PM ET

It's could be a great story. Hope the Spurs pick him up.

*see Eddy Curry*

January 21, 2013  12:13 AM ET

Sign him now but get his services maybe later? Pass

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