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Julio Jones inspires hope in record performance


02:51 PM ET 01.21 | The Atlanta Falcons fell to the visiting San Francisco 49ers at the Georgia Dome on Sunday. This weekend's conference match-ups were action-packed and full of intensity. The Niners and Falcons were the first game of the day, and early on, it looked like Atlanta was going to run away with it. However, the 49ers wiped away a 17-point deficit and came back in the second half, devastating the Falcons. On the bright side, Atlanta has something special and it looks as if they'll be annual contenders

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Julio Jones, USA TODAY Sports Julio Jones, USA TODAY Sports
January 21, 2013  03:10 PM ET

Or at least, their players will be on fantasy football teams

January 21, 2013  03:33 PM ET

This guy is incredible, played a great game, they lost to the better Team!

January 21, 2013  03:56 PM ET

Julio played lights out, a nice pick for the Falcons.

January 21, 2013  04:39 PM ET

I like to see Bama players doing well. He was kinda shaky last year with the dropsies, but I think he has shed that.

January 21, 2013  06:37 PM ET

Julio played lights out, a nice pick for the Falcons.

Worth every single draft pick they gave up...

January 21, 2013  08:03 PM ET

Worth every single draft pick they gave up...

Noting that the Browns have no clue how to draft.

January 21, 2013  08:31 PM ET

Atlanta has to solve the problem of why they keep giving up big leads. Not sure if they get over confident or just take their foot off the gas. Either way, Julio Jones won't get a ring until they figure that one out.

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January 22, 2013  02:05 AM ET

Atlanta will be back next year as a contender.They need to shore up the D some, but this is a good team.

They will have to deal with losing Gonzalez and what to do with Michael Turner, he is on the downside of his career. The Saints also will be back without much of the distractions that they had to deal with this season.

January 22, 2013  08:39 AM ET

This has not been the Year of the Defense in the NFL, so far in the Playoff the Ravens are #1 giving up 19 Points per game in 3 Games The Niners have given up 27.5. We are begining to see the effect the rule changes have made on the better teams, these are the 2 best in the playoffs!

January 22, 2013  11:31 AM ET

Matt Ryan has not shown up for any big game. He is a choker and until he can prove he can win the big ones, this team will not go anywhere.
Said the same thing about Smith in Frisco early in the year. He was the achiles heel of the Niners and push comes to shove he will costs them in the playoffs. I think the coaches figured that out to.
Its time the Falcons reassess Matt Ryan. Always the bridesmaid.......

January 22, 2013  03:12 PM ET

The Falcons finally won a playoff game...
They're making progress!


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