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New York Knicks struggle to find consistent rotation


08:21 PM ET 01.23 | To begin the season, the Knicks' greatest strength was their depth. They could play a nine- or ten-man rotation, easily, filled with solid players at each position, one through five. The team rolled through November and most of December, even short-handed, as they looked forward to the returns of Amar'e Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert, and their backup big man combination of Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby. Once completely healthy, it was assumed that the Knicks' already-deep core would become a semblance of diverse talent and leadership that would make the Knicks one of the toughest teams in the league. However, since Dec. 15, the Knicks are just 7-9, rapidly losing their lead in the Atlantic Division, slowly losing grip as the No. 2 seed in the East as teams like the Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets, and Chicago Bulls creep up the standings. A number of things have plagued the Knicks, including injuries and slow starts, but overall, their recent play has simply been erratic. Night-in and night-out, the Knicks look like a different team. At times, such as yesterday's loss to the Brooklyn Nets, they are defensive, allowing under 90 points; other times, the Knicks look like the fluid offensive team they displayed early in the season; often, they look like neither. One of the biggest problems has been Mike Woodson's overall struggle to find a successful, consistent rotation.

Buckets Over Broadway

Mike Woodson, Getty Images/ Nathaniel S. Butler Mike Woodson, Getty Images/ Nathaniel S. Butler
January 23, 2013  10:23 PM ET


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January 24, 2013  01:17 AM ET

The early season fast start was because they played a soft schedule and shot the lights out. Got lucky a couple of times too. (Heat and Spurs) This team was unlikely to shoot 40% from 3 all season and that is coming down. Lots of old overrated talent. A one dimensional star in Melo. They are hardly a team worthy of title contention. Another first round exit is in the offing. But hey, maybe they'll win 2 playoff games this year.

Yes, reality has just set in for NY.

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January 24, 2013  08:13 AM ET

I wouldn't call this a struggle. Felton went down leaving us with guards at ages 40 and 35 so it's only natural we struggle just like the Lakers back court. But unlike the Lakers back court there's no hope of a younger guard coming back.

I know this is a Knicks but since we're on the topic of guards lets get at it. I watched Lakers critically last night. Their main problem is Nash and Kobe. They are way too old and slow. Memphis kept penetrating their perimeter... even one of Memphis rookie guards had a career night on the Lakers.

Coach has to put his big pants on and have Nash come from the bench. He can't keep up with today's guards on both ends of the court.

They need to start from there. Maybe trading Nash for some young assets may be the way to go.

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January 24, 2013  09:48 AM ET

What Goes Up Must Come Down, Bros.

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